Experts Weigh In on Product Development Trends in 2022

Jan. 4, 2022
We've compiled a list of trends we’re seeing from throughout the food and beverage industry that product developers will want to keep an eye on.

In Product Development Trends Look to Less Meat, More Mindfulness in 2022, we talked about the product development trends we expect to take hold into 2022.

We’re not the only ones observing product trends. The following lists were compiled from across the food & beverage industry on what we might expect to see more of this year.

Innova Market Insights

  • Shared planet
  • Plant-based: the canvas for innovation
  • Tech to table
  • Shifting occasions
  • Voice of the consumer
  • Gut glory
  • Back to the roots
  • Amplified experiences
  • Upcycling redefined
  • My food, my brand

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  • Nourishment for the whole self
  • Plant-based lifestyles
  • Microbiome as the root of wellness
  • Clean & transparent sourcing
  • Humanization of pets
  • Precise & responsible animal feeding
  • Sustainable goodness
  • Advanced renewables & biosolutions

Nestlé USA

  • The plant-based boom is here to stay, driven by evolving consumer priorities
  • Working from home has inspired a breakfast and lunch revolution
  • Grocery store shelves increasingly live online, and e-commerce adoption will only speed up
  • America’s increasing diversity and the power of social trends are encouraging consumers to try global flavors at home

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Kind Snacks 

  • Bite-sized appetites
  • Latin American flavors go mainstream
  • Celeb-food brand mashups
  • TikTok recipes
  • Mood foods
  • Eating all the whole foods
  • Collective sustainability activism
  • Rise and rest
  • New ways of working

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Google Top 2021 Searches

  • Birria tacos
  • Nasi goreng
  • Feta pasta
  • Charcuterie board
  • Shōgayaki
  • Potato Soup
  • Teriyaki Amberjack
  • Tonjiru
  • Baked oats
  • Overnight oats


  • Going big & bold
  • Guilt-free indulgence
  • A return to simplicity

Baum + Whiteman

  • Rise of the cooking robots
  • Plant-based chicken is everywhere
  • More ghost kitchens
  • Less alcohol

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