Looking Back at the Most Popular Articles of 2021 So Far

July 1, 2021
Now that we’ve reached the half-way point of 2021, it’s a great time to look back at some of our most popular news and feature articles the year so far.

You know what they say about history. If we don't learn from the past, then we're more likely to repeat it in the future. I always like to do a mid-year check-in with our most popular article. It gives me a good idea of what's trending and what we should publish more of as well as what mistakes we—and our audience—might be trying to learn from. The following are a list of our most popular news items and feature articles we've published for 2021. Some of them may surprise you, while others may not. 

This Year in News

Six Killed in Chicken Plant Accident
Six workers at a chicken processing plant in Georgia were killed by a liquid nitrogen leak Jan. 28, according to local authorities.

Dog Death Toll Mounts in Pet Food Case
Reported in early January, the death toll from a pet food contamination incident has risen to 70 dogs, prompting the manufacturer to expand its recall.

Tyson CEO Quits After Eight Months
Reported in early June, the CEO of Tyson Foods resigned after eight months on the job.

Coca-Cola Engineer Guilty of Stealing Secrets
In April, a former engineer for Coca-Cola was convicted of stealing trade secrets relating to can coatings and using them to set up a company in her native China.

Walmart Found Guilty of Stealing Tracing Technology
In April, a jury found Walmart liable for $115 million in damages for stealing trade secrets relating to tracking/routing technology for perishable goods.

Our Most Popular Feature Articles this Year

2021 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook
Our annual report began as the food industry struggled through the coronavirus pandemic, noting that an end was in sight. See which lessons have stuck around.

2021 Snack Trends Are Looking Healthy and Upcycled
In this trends article, we paid special attention to how snack products may be particularly good carriers for upcycled byproducts and other healthful ingredients.

Food Safety and Regulatory Issues for 2021
In January, the Acheson Group's founder and CEO predicted how COVID after-effects will linger as well as what new regulations on the horizon.

Consumers Are Looking for Immunity-Boosting Ingredients
Not surprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the trend toward food that supports the immune system.

The Increasing Focus on Food Safety Culture
With the heightened emphasis on strengthening food safety culture, this timely article looks at why--and how--to create a culture focused on food safety.

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