Food Processing Website Gets A New Look

Jan. 26, 2015
The Food Processing team is excited to present the new look and feel of our website.

As food processors, you're no stranger to product makeovers. A little nip here, a little tuck there, some updated packaging, and voila: you've got yourself a new and improved product.

Here at, we're no different. Just like you, we recognize that every once in a while, a product line needs a little facelift.

The Food Processing team has been working with a group of very talented website developers and designers since early 2014 to bring our readers a more user-friendly website experience.

What is User Friendly?

Throughout the redesign process, our team would monitor how – and what – our readers used our website for. We studied our data to make sure we were getting the right stuff in front of your eyes. The end result was what you can now see when you visit our website.

The user-friendly changes we made across the website include:

  • Our headlines are more vibrant
  • Our award-winning content is front and center
  • Our most-often used tools and stories are easier to find
  • We've made it easier to get you where you need to go on the website

New and Improved Paths

While our goal for the website is to help you find the content faster and easier, we also realize you may have gotten used to the older format and could use a primer on what to find where.

How to navigate the new homepage:

  • Our top featured story. We've removed the article carousel in favor of a prominently displayed article.
  • Other top stories. To the right of our top featured stories are several more hand-picked articles we believe are deserving of your attention.
  • Top Navigation. The black bar sitting across the very top of the site will zoom you straight to some of the most often used libraries on our site: products, white papers, e-books, events, community and products.
  • Topic Navigation. You may have noticed when you point your mouse near the purple bar immediately below our logo, a second set of topics drops down. Your eyes aren't deceiving you. We've updated this part of our site to more accurately reflect what our readers are looking for on our site.
  • Connect with the Top Food Companies. Newly added to our site, this section spotlights our two most popular ways to find out who the top food and beverage companies are as well as how you can connect with them.
  • Industry News. Get your food and beverage industry news here by clicking on the headline for the most recently reported news headlines. 
  • Most Recent. This section of our site houses to most recent posts throughout the entire site. Whether that be a blog post, article or industry news item, you'll find the most recently published posts in this column.
  • Events. Learn about upcoming events in the Food and Beverage Industry by clicking on 'More Events.'
  • The Scoop. Gain access to our most recent blog posts by clicking on the headlines.
  • All Content gives you access to all of our posted content throughout the site, including our articles, videos, news, products and white papers.
  • Latest Products features the most recently posted products on our website.
  • Last, but not least, our new and improved website footer at the very bottom will help you navigate the entire site. The footer not only serves as a road map for the new site, but it also provides links to areas on the site that we featured more prominently in our previous layouts.

From myself and the entire Food Processing team, we hope you like our new website. If you have any questions or are running into problems with the website, please don't hesitate to reach out to me by leaving a comment below.

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