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Packaging Equipment Roundup April 2009

March 30, 2009
April's Equipment Round Up focuses on Packaging Equipment.
Low-cost fillerThe new  performs low-capacity filling operations at minimal cost and can be upgraded with performance enhancements, including a material delivery system integrated with the user’s process equipment or bulk storage vessels. The new filler is a lighter-duty version of the company’s heavy-gauge Twin-Centerpost filler, with two on-center posts said to offer the structural integrity of four-post fillers but at significantly lower material and fabrication costs and with less weight. It also affords easier access to the bag spout and loops.Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem Pa.
Big value, small footprint
The new
is designed for seafood, lunch meats, bacon and any food or non-food product that requires a reliable, consumer-friendly, reclosable feature. A simple and reliable zipper system is built into the proven standard machine, making most parts interchangeable. At 18 ft., this machine is less than half the length of most standard zipper machines, which frees up valuable floor space. Starting at $199,000, this machine costs nearly half less than standard zipper machines. The company can also deliver the machines in 10-14 weeks. Rollstock Inc.; Kansas City, Mo.
www.rollstock.comTaylor made solutionsCustom-tailored,
meet the particular requirements of the customer. For example, the machine ordered by Austria’s leading dairy company required integrating all end-of-line packaging process steps: recognizing and ejecting empty packaging, weighing, seal testing, product grouping and packing in different cartons or boxes. A flexiline module with integrated ABB flexpicker and the new traypacker moduline were combined with a servo-controlled twin-axis gantry module. Oystar; Stutensee, Germany

Redesigned packager

Featuring a new “true temperature” control and CE mark, the redesigned AVSealer assures superior sealing consistency and meets the highest safety standards. Ideal for small to medium-size produce packers, this semi-automatic packaging machine heat seals a variety of bag sizes with or without a vacuum and has an optional gas flush cycle to maximize production flexibility and satisfy the demands of a wide range of fresh-cut applications. The sealer offers adjustable user programs that set the vacuum pressure, gas flush, heat sealing temperature, and seal time to consistently package a wide range of products including wet and dry lettuce, cut vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs and other small produce.
Key Technology; Walla Walla, Wash.

Erects oversized cases

The Model 340 case erector is a workhorse machine built to manage the special requirements of oversized corrugated cases. It erects and bottom-seals large blanks in both RSC and HSC styles with dimensions up to 45 in. long by 42 in. wide at speeds to 30 cases per minute and is offered in both tape and adhesive-sealing models. It has an ergonomic, low-level case magazine for easy loading plus a case feed that has unique features to accommodate warped or band-marked cases. The Intelligent Control electronics package puts total control at the line attendant’s fingertips. All operating data is captured for production reports, analysis and trending, and complete production history is available to pinpoint operational or maintenance issues.
A-B-C Packaging Machine; Tarpon Springs, Fla.

Efficient line packaging

A new generation of high-performance aseptic carton packaging solutions, Tetra Pak iLine solutions, takes line integration and automation technology to a new level thanks to a novel process control and information management system. At the heart of the automation platform is the new controller, which automates the interaction among all components of the packaging line. It offers enhanced line control and supervision, ease of operations in packaging line management and improved line performance. A higher level of system integration and automation leads to lower operating costs. The robust and operationally efficient solutions enable customers to increase capacity and reduce operational costs by up to 40 percent, depending on the configuration.
Tetra Pak Inc.; Vernon Hills, Ill.

Remote wrapping

Simple Automation stretch wrapping systems become easier to use with the new Click-n-Go wireless remote control. This remote enables fork truck drivers to simply place a pallet load on the stretch wrapper, back away a few feet and press a button. It also gives the operator more flexibility by eliminating the need to stop within reach of a lanyard. More than a remote start button, it makes the stretch wrapper easier to use and meets current safety codes. It’s also capable of controlling multiple machines. An additional feature button is used to initiate a banding sequence for double-stacked pallets. This product gives flexibility in how the machines are used or relocated.
Lantech; Louisville, Ky.

Efficient and hygienic

The T700 is the first of a new generation of traysealers. The sanitary design immensely simplifies the cleaning of the machines, boosting productivity for food packers. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications, even for very delicate contents such as liquids or very lightweight products. The precision handling systems allow even awkwardly shaped trays to be processed without difficulty.
Multivac; Kansas City, Mo.

Fast and flexible

Designed with high speed and flexibility in mind, the new PL-950 Series hybrid in-line palletizer is capable of achieving packaging rates in excess of 100 cases per minute. It uses one or more robotic arms for pattern forming, which makes it ideal for handling small finished case sizes, multiple product formats and complex patterns. New patterns can be programmed from the human-machine interface, allowing for fast and easy product reconfiguration and quick line changeover. The palletizer also gently handles products with minimal secondary packaging without compromising the integrity of the finished product.
FKI Logistex; St. Louis

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