Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Bar Lives Up To Name

April 16, 2008
Candy Dynamics' Chewy bars are ‘Worse than torture.’

Desmond Cleland, 7th grade:
The packaging catches your eye, and so does the name. It’s not a name you see every day. At first, the taste is pretty good, but it starts to lose its flavor. In the end, it tastes like what I would imagine plastic to taste like. It’s the same thing with the aftertaste. It smells a bit fruity. It is chewy and a bit hard. It would most likely appeal to kids. It doesn’t really seem very healthy either; the first ingredient on the list is sugar.

Nina McKenna, 7th grade:
The Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Bar tastes like a disgusting combination of artificial juices and plastic. When I opened it, it flaked and cracked as I tried to tear a piece off. It didn’t seem like healthy food. It is hard and chewy and not for people with braces. I don’t know who would buy it; it seems unneeded. The packaging doesn’t look very appealing, but you can tell the company tried. It is small and easy to open and transport. It even smells artificial! Overall, I wouldn’t eat it … ever.

David McDonald, 7th grade:
To make someone eat this is worse than torture. If I wanted to get someone to tell me something [a secret], I would certainly feed them this nauseating Airhead wannabe candy. I’m surprised I didn’t break a tooth on the rock-hard substance. Candy is not the right way to describe this product.

Maddie Makoul, 7th grade:
Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Bars are gross! They are hard and taste exactly like their name – Toxic Waste. It smells like feet, and when you rip it open, it breaks like plastic. The bar also turns your tongue and teeth blue. I would not recommend small children eat this snack; they could choke. It made me feel like I was going to hurl. The packaging isn’t appealing at all. They look like Airheads. Believe me; the world doesn’t need Toxic Waste bars!

Deontre Yarbrough, 7th grade:
The packaging is not that appealing. It’s kind of hard to open, because it gets stuck while you’re peeling it down. It’s smooth but sticky and it tastes like a Laffy Taffy or a Now and Later. It smells like a Laffy Taffy. I think the Toxic Waste bars will be directed to children. I don’t think the world needs them, because they are just copying the same taste of a Laffy Taffy.

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