Interview with an M&M

Dec. 4, 2007
Diane Toops interviews the sassy, lone female M&M'S character.

She's sassy and saucy, and M&M'S only female spokescandy is a celebrity we all love. Although she doesn't like to talk about herself, Green agreed to an interview during All Candy Expo -- as long as we didn't "dish" on her private life.

FP: Hello, Ms. Green. Could you tell us your age, height and weight?

Green: Sure, I could. But you should know better than to ask a lady about that!

FP: Sorry, I had to try. So what's it like being the only female M&M'S spokescandy?

Green: It's been interesting. Kind of like having a bunch of wisecracking brothers looking out for me. One thing I adore is helping the boys with their wardrobes. Things like picking out shoes, or proper fittings for gloves. And believe me, they need the help! I remember when Yellow used to wear socks with sandals. Can you say faux pas?

FP: Do you feel you represent today's female consumer?

Green: Well, maybe, except that, since I'm a candy, most consumers probably want to eat me. I can't blame them, but I don't really share that opinion. A better question would have been, "Do you love shoes?" and my answer would have been, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

FP: What's your advice to other successful female candies?

Green: Wait, are there other successful female candies? Are there even other female candies? I'd like to meet them, maybe we could do brunch.

FP: Speaking woman to woman, has it been difficult to break the glass ceiling?

Green: I've broken some ceilings in my lifetime, if you know what I mean.

FP: Where did you get your characteristic shade, and does it have a name?

Green: Well, my dad was blue, and mom was yellow. You do the math. But I consider my color something like jade, not Pantone 368. Seems alluring that way, which is more appropriate, don't you think?

FP: I understand Red is a difficult competitor?

Green: Actually, Red has been really supportive. He's a big softy, once you get past his machismo shell. But Red and Yellow have this thing going on, very competitive with video games. Yellow usually wins, Red usually thinks he wins.

FP: So, working at Mars sounds fun. What's the best part?

Green: OK, this is kinda odd, but ... I just adore the shaved ice we have in the lounge. It's light and crunchy, but melts so perfectly. You just have to try it! That's probably not the answer you wanted, but it's totally true.

FP: In the milk chocolate M&M's bag, there are 30 percent brown, 20 percent each of yellow and red and 10 percent each of orange, blue and green. Do you think that's a fair color breakdown?

Green: Well, you know what they say about the green ones, right? Can you imagine what would happen if there were more green ones? I'll just let your imagination be my answer.

FP: Good point! Well, it's been a pleasure, Green.

Green: It has, hasn't it? I appreciate you not prying into my social life. That makes me so crazy sometimes. Thanks!

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