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Food Biz Kids: Power Snacks Sunflower Kernels

April 20, 2007
Our panel of eighth-graders think spicy lime sunflower seeds are weird, but taste good and were a hit across the board.

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Amber Cooley, 8th grade:
The plastic packaging is lime green, has Power in big red letters and shows sunflower seeds. They taste very good with a little spice to them. The sunflower seeds are salty and you can taste the lemon-pepper or lime in the seeds. I don't think these seeds need any improvement at all. It's very unique that someone came up with this type of sunflower seeds. I would definitely like to see this product in food stores.

Dontrell Knighten, 8th grade:
The packaging looks cool, and I like the name Power Snacks. The seeds are smooth and a bit crunchy. They taste good; the lime and spice blends together nicely. They smell really good, too. I would really need this as a snack or on-the-go food.

Power Snacks Spicy Lime; Azar Nut Co., El Paso, Texas

Marie Pelissier, 8th grade:
The packaging is appealing to people because it is a bright green color. The taste is good but sour. They are really hot, but it's the kind of taste that makes you want to keep eating. They smell like nutmeg or nuts. They should not have so much salt.

Najeema Muhammed-Bey, 8th grade:
I like them, they're different. I would like them even more if there was a different taste -- more like lemon and less sour with more spice. I don't like the package; I think it's tacky. It needs to be more attention-grabbing to get people's attention.

Vicki Miranda, 8th grade:
It is very well packaged. I like the bright green color. It tastes very interesting. It would appeal to me more if it had more chili powder and less salt. It smells like peanuts. I would definitely buy this if I saw it in a store.

Aiden Kelly Lowenstein, 8th grade:
The packaging is good, colorful and easy to open. The texture is perfect. Sunflower seeds are a great, easy-to-chew dole-out or snack. They smell great and have a complex taste. I only recommend the varieties of flavors be spicier.

Gabriela Landeros, 8th grade:
The package is very comfortable; it's small and you can take it everywhere. It's practical and the size is perfect for a snack. The taste is great -- I love the lemon taste -- but they have too much salt. I think people would want this since it's a new twist on snacks.

Gabriel Mento, 8th grade:
I think they taste really good. I like the mixture of spicy, salty and sour flavors. The bag smells like normal peanuts. The idea of spicy lime is weird, but it tastes good.

Eli Golden, 8th grade:
This product has a good first taste, but the after taste with the lime is not too good and the salt may leave you oversalted. The packaging is pretty cool, so it kind of looks good, but the salt and the spice and the lime don't make it.

Nicole Henry, 8th grade:
The packaging is good. Little kids can't get into it, but for older people it's great. The taste is really sour, but I like sour things. They smell like lime and regular peanuts. In life, I think it's good to have to have another flavored snack.

Billy Prout, 8th grade:
The texture is good. It takes a while to open, but the packaging is great. When you eat them, it's like you're in Mexico.

Jack Grant, 8th grade:
The package is bright green with a shiny cover. It is very cool when light is reflected on it. The taste is very strong with a great lime finish. They are great.

Brook Toland, 8th grade:
The packaging looks very colorful and inviting. You may need water, but the saltiness is what makes it awesome. The smell is nutty and sweet. I think the world could use a little twistin' taste.

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