February 2005 Equipment Round-Up - Packaging Equipment

Feb. 8, 2005
From gargantuan to svelte, designed for mega-processors or start-up ventures, the packaging equipment and materials described here answer a broad range of customers' needs.

This caps it
The FPS-6 Spindle is a fully automatic capper with several cap sorting options. It caps up to 120 mm on containers up to 2 ½ gal. at speeds to 250 cpm. Features include an integrated caster and leveling system, sanitary C-frame construction, independent spindle speed control for better control or torque and application, chute plate constructed of polished 304 S/S for smooth cap delivery and manual chute assembly height, width and horizontal adjustments.
Fluid Packaging Solutions; Alpharetta, Ga.
770/410-9044; www.fluidpackaging.com

Intelligent scanning
Intelligent Scanner XS is three to eight times faster than the vendor’s previously available readers and is capable of performing more than 100 data matrix reads per second using the vendor’s enhanced FrameWork 2.7 software. The system includes an enhanced Data Matrix reader with advanced grayscale processing, which can read severely degraded codes printed with laser, ink-jet or dot-peen marking technologies.
DVT; Duluth, Ga.
770-814-7920; www.dvtsensors.com

Family of bag loaders
Automated vertical bag loading systems package an array of fresh red meat, smoked and processed meats and poultry products. The BL-120 is a fully automated bag loader and hock breaker for whole broilers. BL-125 is for fresh meat that advances and opens Cryovac taped bags to accept gravity-fed products from an in-feed conveyor located above the machine. BL-126 also advances and opens Cryovac taped bags to accept products from above the machine. The 8604 Dual Lane Infeed is a custom conveyor designed for easy clean-up. The system meets ready-to-eat sanitation requirements and has a simplified electrical interface with the vendor’s rotary chamber machines.
Cryovac Div. of Sealed Air Corp.; Duncan, S.C.
803-433-2000; www.cryovac.com

Smell the coffee
The flavor and aroma of coffee is maintained in packaging with Total Gas Control unit, an electronically integrated system that automates the gas purging and monitoring process in a single step. A combination of on-line gas analysis, off-line spot test analysis, electronic flow control of the gas supply and optional electronic controlled gas mixing maintains uniformity in gas packaging.
PBI-Dansensor America; Glen Rock, N.J.
201-251-6490; www.pbi-dansensor.com

Impulse Compact is a new family of small electromagnetic shakers designed specifically for tight fitting processing and packaging distribution lines that require precise metering and low maintenance drives. Suitable for product mixing lines, ingredient feeding and scale feeding, it starts and stops quickly to accurately meter product. The unit maximizes production flexibility with dedicated solid-state controls that allow conveying pan amplitudes to range from 0 to 100 percent to adjust for different products or processing conditions. The electromagnetic shakers can be adjusted from low stroke, high cycle mode for gentle product handling to high stroke, low cycle mode for faster throughput or to handle heavier product.
Key Technology; Walla Walla, Wash.
509-529-2161; www.key.net

A fast eye
The F210 high-speed vision sensor combines image acquisition as fast as 1.4 ms with advanced measurement algorithms for faster measurement and inspection operations. It can perform measurement cycles of as fast as 3 ms when used with the vendor’s F160-S2 double speed camera. The system has a unique algorithm for superior OCR/OCV capability and new Edge Code technology for unmatched defect detection, position and location capability. The OCR/OCV capability can read and confirm lot codes on bottles. A Fine Matching algorithm enables detection of differences between a user-taught model and a live image, including fine defects on labels that less accurate algorithms cannot catch. The system is suitable for packaging inspection applications, especially in high-speed food and drug operations. Prices start at $5,000.
Omron Electronics LLC; Schaumburg, Ill.
800-556-6766; www.info.omron.com

Webbed crusader
The Matrix Crossweb package labeler is designed to meet or exceed AMI sanitary design criteria. It can be installed on virtually any form/fill/seal rollstock machine. The unit has an open and easy-access design combined with angled and rounded surfaces to promote water runoff. It’s available initially for top and/or bottom package labeling applications, with film labeler versions expected by late spring.
Koch Equipment LLC; Kansas City, Mo.
816-753-2150; www.kochequipment.com

Top sealer accommodates variations
The Model 336 is a top case sealer that accommodates case variations and ensures square cases that palletize well. This compact unit runs up to 45 cases per minute with a continuous operation design that accepts cases that are fed spaced or back-to-back, and provides automatic flap folding and sealing. The powered compression section combines the bottom case drive belt with a powered upper belt drive to convey the case and provide secure compression as the adhesive sets.
ABC Packaging Machine; Tarpon Springs, Fla.
800-237-5975; www.abcpackaging.com

Pallet load locking
Pallet-Grip is a patent-pending load locking system for stretch-wrap containment capable of meeting the requirements from big-box retailers and mass merchandisers for physically locking the load to the pallet. It greatly improves load containment and significantly reduces the chance for damage on double-stacked loads, winged pallets or those carrying barrels, pails, or rolls that lead to severe inboard load conditions. Available as a retrofit or option on new machines, it attaches a load to the pallet with bottom wraps of film that have been twisted into a cable along the lower 4-6 inches of the web.
Lantech; Louisville, Ky.
502-267-4200; www.lantech.com

Fast RFID tags
The Fast Tag RFID tag applicator system encodes and applies RFID tags using the vendor’s label applicators, an RFID reader from sister company Accu-Sort Systems Inc. and a patent-pending reject identification and recovery system. Fast Tag is a portable, flexible, affordable RFID tag application solution that is high-speed and low-maintenance. The systems are being used by Wal-Mart suppliers.
Videojet Technologies; Wood Dale, Ill.
630-860-7300; www.videojet.com

Wrap it up
Vectra, an entry level low-profile, semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper, unitizes pallet loads quickly and efficiently and provides an alternative to manually wrapping loads. It has a maximum load weight capacity of 4,000 lbs. and a turntable rotation speed of 9 RPM, ideal for low throughput operations. It uses the vendor’s EconoStretch film carriage.
Orion/Pro Mach; Atlanta
800-333-6556; www.orionpackaging.com

Little zipper
The RZ-200 zipper machine is designed for luncheon meats, pepperoni, bacon and other foods that require a reliable, consumer-friendly recloseable feature. A proven zipper system developed by Pro-Pac Services is built into the machine. At 18 ft., this machine is less than half the length of most standard zipper machines, the vendor claims, freeing up floor space. Cost is $189,000.
Rollstock Inc.; Kansas City, Mo.
888-314-2152; www.rollstock.com

Robo packer-palletizer
Robotic Case Packer-Palletizer combines a case packer and a palletizer into a single, compact, cost-effective solution. It uses a five-axis Motoman robot with XRC Controller, capable of moving up to 176 lbs. The compact footprint allows for pallet sizes of up to 48 x 48 in. and unit loads up to 72 in. high. Custom-designed end of arm tooling is flexible enough to “grab” and pack various-size objects, including boxes, bags, bundles, bales, cans, bottles and jars. The overall system is run by an Allen-Bradley Logix controller with a touch screen operator interface, making changeovers easy.
Schneider Packaging Equipment; Brewerton, N.Y.

Increased capacity for case palletizer
New design and interface options for the Alvey 780 case palletizer dramatically increase the unit's capacity and its value for low-speed palletizing applications. Particularly suited for single-line applications in the food and consumer goods industries, the Alvey 780 uses high-level infeed and right-angle pattern formation to achieve outstanding pattern flexibility. Close-center rollers and a bi-parting apron also give the machine the ability to handle a wide variety of case and pallet sizes. Its compact footprint is ideal for existing facilities where space is at a premium.
FKI Logistex; St. Louis
314-993-4700; www.fkilogistex.com

New applications for tamper-evidency
A new pressure-belt system allows induction sealing for tamper-evidence, leak protection, and freshness, to be used where it was once otherwise impossible. Inner seals are either placed onto the capless containers or reside in the “snap-on” cap as inserted by the cap manufacturer. For capless containers, the belt holds the seals in place as the containers are conveyed through the induction sealing field. Capped containers are likewise captured from above by the pressure-belt. The belt applies pressure on the top of the cap forcing the cap to hold the inner seal in place during the sealing process.
Enercon Industries; Menomonee Falls, Wis.
262-255-6070; www.enerconind.com

Stripper widens range
A new patented stripper/tubecloser enables the Robag 3 to pack an even wider range of products, including potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, loose and wrapped confectionery, peanuts, pork crackles and now, fresh salad. The Robag 3 is capable of packing up to 220 bags per minute on a rotary double jaw configuration, boasting efficiencies greater than 95 percent and a reject rate of less than 0.5 percent.
TNA North America; Coppell, Texas
972-462-6500; www.tnarobag.com

Power Engineers buys Atec, creates equipment arm

Power Engineers Inc., Hailey, Idaho, has acquired Atec, a privately owned conveyor and equipment design and fabrication company located in Pocatello, Idaho. The transaction establishes a presence for Power Engineers in the manufacturing arena with the expertise and commitment of design engineers, machinists and assembly professionals specializing in food processing, packaging and material handling equipment. Atec, now operating under the name Power Food Equipment Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Engineers.

“This acquisition allows us to offer full-service solutions to our clients, from engineering design through equipment fabrication and/or modification,” says Mike Keough, Power Engineers’ director of industrial packaging and Power Food Equipment chairman. “Atec is an established, creative, solution-driven company. We are excited to have Power Food Equipment to complement Power Engineers’ set of services and to support our ability to provide cost-effective, custom solutions to help our clients meet technical challenges.”

Glenn Anderson, former owner of ATEC, stays on as Power Food Equipment’s director of operations.