Product Round-Up: Filtration products

Aug. 12, 2004
New products for sifting out impurities, dewatering and concentrating.
Try a pilot plantCross-flow membrane filtration, alone or in combination with other technologies, provides substantial opportunity for isolation, purification or concentration of very specific and tailored components of food products ranging from milk and milk products, to fruits, vegetables and grains, to meat and poultry products. The vendor offers a wide range of feasibility- and process development-scale membrane filtration pilot plants for purchase or for short-term lease. The newest is the Model M, which can be set up for evaluation of a variety of membrane formats including spiral-wound, ceramic, stainless steel and hollow fiber.
GEA Filtration; Hudson,
Wis.715-386-9371; www.geafiltration.comSifting out impuritiesPlaced in pneumatic unloading or transfer systems, the in-line Tru-Balance sifter eliminates equipment such as cyclone receivers, airlocks, receiving hoppers and blowers, which often are required. All product contact surfaces are fabricated of stainless steel,and the design is built in two different models to achieve capacities up to 1,000 lbs./min. flour. Both models use a pneumatic sieve compression system to elevate and lower the upper dome assembly. This system provides rapid access for sifter inspection, no heavy domes to lift or hoist, and accelerated sifter closing.Great Western Manufacturing; Leavenworth, Kan.
www.gwmfg.comDewatering and drying in oneA mechanical dewatering system and thermal drying device are combined into one compact unit
for drying all types of slurries. This cake drying device is constructed with polypropylene membrane filter plates which can be retrofitted for existing presses. It's available in both side bar and overhead beam designs for semi-automatic or fully automatic presses. Consisting of a honeycomb structure, the press' insulated heating elements guide the heat to the interior of the filter press in a fast and efficient manner. After the filtration stage, the heating elements are activated to start an energy-saving, low temperature drying process. Optional sources of energy that are available include hot water or steam. An efficient suction unit quickly discharges all vapors produced in the filter press during the drying cycle.Netzsch Inc.; Exton, Pa.610-363-8010; www.netzschusa.comLiquid cartridge mediaFathom liquid cartridge media meets requirements of 21CFR for food filtration and is chemically compatible with most applications. The media is engineered to provide filtration performance that keeps systems running cleaner longer. Based on the company's patented bicomponent and meltblown technologies, this liquid cartridge media is available in polypropylene and polypropylene/polyethylene constructions, which are chemically inert for most liquid filtration applications. Thermal bonding provides a high surface area for filtration performance while preventing pore deformation. The media's continuous fibers work together with that thermal bonding to prevent fiber shedding.Kimberly-Clark Filtration Products; Roswell, Ga.678-352-6211; www.kcfiltration.comFiltration is brewingBrewpore caustic resistant cartridge filters are for the microbiological stabilization of beer and
company's patented Duraporepolyvinylidene fluoride membrane and polypropylene components, they offer broad chemical compatibility with commonly used sanitizing agents. The filters are resistant to thermal stress and repeated exposure to hot water and caustics. They support demanding process conditions found during the removal of particles, yeast and spoilage organisms.Explosion-proof vacuumNew CFM A17 EXP is an explosion-proof vacuum that meets UL Standard 1017, and is designed to safely collect and retain potentially explosive materials , including powders, gasses, vapors, liquids, and dust , especially in hazardous areas. Constructed entirely of stainless steel and aluminum to eliminate percussion arcs, the vacuum collects materials without sparking, reducing the threat of explosion and fire. To further protect workers, it is powered by compressed air and has built-in anti-static features including: a static grounding wire, anti-static wheels mounted on rigid and swiveling castors for easy maneuverability; and an anti-static filter with 21 square feet of surface area that guarantees high filtration efficiency and prevents premature clogging.
Nilfisk-Advance America; Malvern,
877-215-8322; w
ww.n-aa.comMillipore Corp.; Billerica, Mass.800-645-5476; www.millipore.com/biopharm

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