Two Cheers for Coca-Cola

March 16, 2021

They kind of did the right thing.

A little while ago, I bashed Coca-Cola in this space for doing the plague-on-both-your-houses thing by cutting off all political contributions in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. I guess it’s only fair that I acknowledge when they do something (kind of) good in that regard.

So kudos to them for being (sort of) on the right side with respect to Georgia’s efforts to make it harder to vote.

The Republicans who control Georgia are trying to impede access to the ballot, in the name of “security.” The measures under consideration include ending no-excuse absentee voting, limiting early voting hours, restricting drop-boxes for mail ballots and curtailing early voting on Sundays.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce came out in “concern and opposition” to ballot restrictions. Coca-Cola told the Washington Post that it is “aligned with” those comments.

Better than nothing, I guess. One step at a time. The next step will be for Coca-Cola to put its money where its mouth (kind of) is, by reinstating the political contributions it so ostentatiously cut off after the riots, and directing them this time toward politicians who favor the right to vote.

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