A Dunk for the Win

Sept. 10, 2020

Why it was so great to get two particular new product samples.

I hope you enjoy our cover story about four food industry entrepreneurs as much as I enjoyed doing it.

There’s one part I particularly enjoyed: when the Mooala and Partake Foods folks both sent me samples. There couldn’t have been two better samples to get, because they go together perfectly.

Partake’s cookies have a delicious flavor but a rather dry texture, no doubt because of their gluten-free formulation. But dunk them in Mooala banana milk and they’re terrific. The cookie soaks up the milk like biscotti soaks up coffee, leaving it with a wonderful mouthfeel, firm yet tender. And the sweet-nutty flavor of the milk complements the cookie perfectly.

If you can get your hands on both of these products, I highly recommend them. They go together so well that Denise Woodard, founder of Partake, and Jeff Richards, founder of Mooala, should seriously consider a merger, or at least a cross-promotion.