Tying Everything to the Coronavirus

April 7, 2020

Not everything relates to the virus crisis.

Any day now, I expect to get an email like this:

Kayleigh Panderer
To: [email protected]


In these days of the coronavirus crisis, “social distancing” is getting a lot of attention. But what about “vehicular distancing”? When employees have to come to work, keeping the proper distance between cars in the company parking lot is more vital than ever. George Blacktop, CEO of ParkStripe Corp., is available for exclusive interviews on the importance of fighting COVID-19 by using the proper paint to provide clear, legible parking stripes.

I realize that the news is now all coronavirus, all the time. And I realize that PR people have a job to do. But sheesh, some of the attempts I’ve seen to tie whatever it is the flack is flogging to the coronavirus situation...it would be a stretch to say they're even a stretch.

I personally don’t mind, because like everyone else who works with a computer, my job description includes throwing away 90% or more of my email inbox. But if these strained efforts to tie everything to the coronavirus are making even me run out of patience, it’s a pretty good bet that potential customers will have even less. Something to think about as we all wait for this to go away.