Doyenne's Log, Post 1

Sept. 19, 2018

Contemplations on a new work blog...

I came up with this blog during a phone call with one of our company vice presidents. 

Well, actually.....I've thought about writing this blog or something like it for a while, it just took that phone call to finally convince me to put fingers to keyboard and start writing.

Food Processing covers a lot of topics for a lot of people in the food and beverage industry. Need to understand FSMA better? We've got you covered. What's trending in product development? We've got myriad of articles and at least 4 E-Handbooks to get you through your day. What we don't have a lot of on this website is content about the real meat and bones of our every day lives: how to deal with the minutia of all the work and life that we're all trying to fit in to the 24 hours we get every day.

This won't be a complaint blog. I'm not airing dirty laundry nor will this get overly political. My vision for this blog is to offer a space on Food Processing were we can talk about the kinds of workplace issues that I hear about from our readers. Things like: 

  • Work/Life Balance
  • How to get everything done in a day/How to stay on top of everything
  • How to find additional resources for getting the job done
  • Tools, tips, and technologies for accomplishing work tasks
  • Anyone hiring?
  • and my favorite, C'MON ERIN....MAKE ME LAUGH YOU PUNNY GIRL!!!!

I'll do my best to answer questions, float ideas, provide as many opportunities for laughs and and education as possible. 

But first....Who am I and what qualifies me to write this blog?

Hi. Howdy. I'm Erin. Unless you are signed up for emails from Food Processing or have stalker tendencies, you probably don't know who I am. I'm like the Great and Powerful Oz, though I'm not that powerful and only my family thinks I'm great. (Hi Mom!).

I'm the woman behind the emails you get from Food Processing. Those witty subject lines? That's all me. The Food Funny Humor Section? (Not me drawing) but I help bring it to a screen near you every month. Follow us on Social Media? Yep, that's me too. I'm the Digital Doyenne of If you're reading this and not sure what the heck I'm talking about, do us both a solid and sign up to get our newsletters  (Really. It makes me look good in front of my bosses and when I look good, we all look good).

I've been with Food Processing for 10 years; in Publishing for 20 and I went to school for journalism and writing. Theoretically, I'm capable of writing blog posts. Oh, and I speak fluently in wit.

I've been covering the food and beverage industry for a decade now and I'm an almost gluttonous consumer of information on issues in the workforce and technology, which I hope to bring to you by way of blog posts here on this page.