Purdue University Team Develops New Packaging Option for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

June 15, 2020
A team at Purdue University is looking to improve upon packaging options for the food and beverage industry by taking a closer look at nanocellulose.

A team of innovators at Purdue University is looking to change the way businesses look at nanocellulose – a green nanomaterial that is derived from natural sources such as plant matter.

The team at Purdue created a method that involves mixing nanocellulose in additives for the polymer material and then compounding that mixture into the polymer. According to a release, the technique could be applicable to a wide variety of polymers, including ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer used in food packaging.

“These methods can be very expensive for manufacturers, who must add additional processes and machinery to comply with emission standards that may be impacted by the use of the solvents,” said Jeffrey Youngblood, a professor of materials engineering in Purdue’s College of Engineering.

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