Food Processing Suppliers Association Elects 2020 Officers

March 11, 2020
The FPSA on March 5 elected a new board of directors and executive committee.

The Food Processing Suppliers Assn. on March 5 elected a new board of directors and executive committee.

The executive committee consists of Matt Malott, President/CEO of Multivac, who will serve as Chairman; Jarrod McCarroll, President and CEO of Weber, who will serve as Immediate Past Chairman; Bob Campbell, President and General Manager of Marlen, who will serve as Treasurer; Brian Perkins, Executive Vice President, Americas at Provisur Technologies, who will serve as Chairman of the Membership Committee; and Patrick Ditchfield, Executive Vice President of Reiser, who will serve as Chairman of the Show Committee.

Three new positions were added to the FPSA Executive Committee. Tom Kittle, President of Handtmann, will serve as Chairman of the FPSA Foundation; Gil Williams, President USA & Canada of Poly-clip System, will serve as Chairman of the newly formed FIT Inc., and Erik Brainard, President of Anritsu Infivis will serve as Assistant Treasurer.

Additionally, Bob Campbell of Marlen was elected Chairman of MISA; Kate Rome of Rome Grinding Solutions was elected Vice Chair of MISA; Martin Lutz of ProLeiT Corp. was elected Chairman of the Dairy Council; Jeff Tocio of Pentair was elected Vice Chairman of the Beverage Council; and Matthew Hartman of Blentech was elected as Chairman of the Networks Leadership Team.

The larger Board of Directors includes Tony Graves of The Dennis Group, Dante Pietrinferni of Packaging Progressions, Greg Thompson of Harpak-Ulma, Bert Wesley of Woodard & Curran, Dan Voit of Blentech, Steve Radke of JBT, Tom Hoffmann of Mepaco, Patrick McGady of Handtmann, Ken Hagedorn from Naegele, Bob Grote of Grote Co. and Robert Price of Seiberling Associates.

David Seckman ([email protected]) remains president/CEO (