Dutch Lab Meat Firm Raises $10 Million

Dec. 13, 2019
A Dutch cultured-meat company has raised $10 million in additional seed funding.

A Dutch cultured-meat company has raised $10 million in seed funding, giving it a boost in developing whole-muscle lab-grown beef and pork, the company’s founder announced.

The funding secured by Meatable raises its total balance to $13 million. CEO Krijn de Nood wrote in a blog post that the money was raised mostly from existing investors, plus a couple of “angel investors.” An additional portion came from the Eurostars Programme of the European Commission, which supports the development of innovative businesses.

“To me, this is convincing evidence that the European Union now sees cultivated meat as a credible aid to combating climate change,” de Nood wrote.

Meatable will concentrate on developing pork and beef cells, especially for whole cuts of meat, de Nood wrote.

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