As the pendulum swings

Dec 02, 2004

Despite the popularity of low-carb diets, many consumers haven't given up their favorite snacks foods, but instead seek organic versions. According to a recent Manufacturer Survey conducted for the Greenfield, Mass.-based Organic Trade Association, consumers are finding a plethora of certified organic snacks from pretzels to cookies, free of hydrogenated fats, and artificial flavors.


These and all artificial ingredients are forbidden in the production of USDA-certified organic foods. With a 29.6 percent growth in sales over the previous year, organic snacks were the second fastest growing segment in 2003, second only to meat and poultry.


Food trends reporter and marketing expert Phil Lempert's national consumer surveys conducted over the past six months through SupermarketGuru.com web site indicate that the low-carb fad is over, and is being replaced by a much smarter long-term trend, what Lempert dubs a "nutritional correction."


"Brands are reformulating — getting rid of excess sugars and fats, eliminating questionable ingredients such as trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup and moving toward a much more holistic approach to our food supply," says Lempert.