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Website Answers Your Thai Cuisine Questions

Oct 05, 2004

Thai Kitchen, a leading maker of Thai foods, debuts “Ask Thai Kitchen,” a free website where visitors can submit Thai cuisine questions and receive advice from award-winning professional Thai chefs via e-mail.

“Authentic Thai cuisine tastes as exotic as its ingredients--fish sauce, lemongrass, mussamun curry, kaffir lime, and so many more--all wonderful, but often mysterious to American cooks,” says Chef Barbara Hom, the first guest chef to host the “Ask Thai Kitchen” page. “Whether you’re accomplished at cooking Thai cuisine or just starting out, this link makes exotic easy.”

Whether site visitors want to create an authentic Thai meal from scratch, are just curious about an ingredient, “Ask Thai Kitchen” is the place to turn. Consumers submit questions via a simple form on the site; all questions will be answered and selected questions and answers will be regularly posted online. The newly enhanced is a wide-ranging information resource, including recipes, cooking tips, and a glossary of Thai ingredients and cooking terms.