Sports Pouch Beverage Company and Cool Cool Water in co-pack deal

Mar 28, 2005

Sport Pouch Beverage Company, Inc., announced  it has reached an agreement, in principal, with Cool Cool Water, Inc., of Ledgewood, New Jersey, to co-pack Cool Cool Water's Kokomo brand of flavored spring water beverages. Sports Pouch will package the Kokomo brand using its innovative Sports Pouch beverage packaging system, which utilizes a flexible pouch combined with an easy to use pull-push spout. The products will be distributed by various supermarkets in Southern California.

These actions represent the first implementation of the collaboration between Sports Pouch Beverage Company and Cool Cool Water that was first announced in December 2004. Present plans call for the initial deliveries of the Sports Pouch - packaged Kokomo(TM) beverages to retail stores in early summer 2005.

Presently, the Kokomo(TM) brand utilizes traditional PET plastic bottling concepts. This co-packing arrangement will expand the packaging and marketing capabilities of the Cool Cool Water product. Combining the popular Kokomo brand of zero-carb, zero-calorie, naturally flavored mountain spring water beverages with the technology of the Sports Pouch packaging system means that consumers will be able to enjoy the quality, taste and freshness of Kokomo brand beverages with the convenience of the pull-push spout system offered by Sports Pouch.