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Probiotic Bacteria May Protect Against Autoimmune Diseases

Source: Wellness Foods, FoodProcessing.com

Nov 02, 2005

According to a recent study sponsored by Probi AB, a Lund, Sweden-based biotechnology company, certain probiotic bacteria can positively affect several functions in the human immune system. Among other effects, the discovery can be important in reducing the incidence of widespread diseases such as type I diabetes. The application is patent-pending.

A study conducted on healthy persons at the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Göteborg, Sweden, investigated the effect of Probi's bacteria on various types of white blood cells. The study revealed that the cells participating in infection defense increased in number. It also showed that Probi’s bacteria may have the ability to reduce overreactions in the immune system that result in autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes. The study was presented at the European Conference on Probiotics and their Application in Krakow, Poland.

“Achieving a selective effect on the functions in the immune system in this manner with probiotics has not previously been clearly demonstrated in humans. The incidence of diseases in which the immune system attacks the body, such as diabetes, MS and rheumatism, is increasing in the western world,” says Per Bengtsson, CEO of Probi. “The results strengthen Probi’s potential to develop commercially attractive offers within immunology.”

Probi's probiotics are currently available to consumers in juices, yogurt (ProViva brand) and dietary supplements.

More information about the study presented in Krakow is available by e-mailing probi@probi.se. For additional information, please contact Per Bengtsson, CEO, Probi; tel: +46 (0)46-286 89 23 or +46 (0)734-47 41 28; e-mail: per.bengtsson@probi.se.