Foodservice Products Now Available through Online Retailer

Source: Food Creation,

Dec 14, 2005

Online sales have jumped to almost $30 billion during the fourth quarter of this year, a 21.9% increase over last year. Food sales account for a significant percentage. Home delivery of groceries — either directly from the stores themselves or through services like Peapod — is now widely available. Dozens of specialty food manufacturers sell product online, usually products within a narrow niche. However, one site — Restaurant Foods At Home — offers all types of gourmet, restaurant-style food items.

Restaurant Foods At Home's parent company has been in the wholesale foodservice business for more than 36 years and has contracts with some of the nation's largest food manufacturers. Restaurant Foods At Home is the only online retail outlet for many local and regional specialty food manufacturers. Free shipping is available and every order is shipped frozen, packed in dry ice in reusable Styrofoam containers.

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