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Unilever's Promise: As a cholesterol-fighting drink?

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Aug 03, 2007

Last month we reported DelMonte was entering the beverage market. Now Unilever is entering the fray in a very small way and (curiously) using its Promise margarine brand. Promise activ SuperShots are “the first mini-drink with added natural plant sterols, ingredients that have been proven in more than 140 clinical studies to help actively remove ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol,” according to the company.

The 100ml (3.3-oz.) bottle contains 2g of plant sterols plus heart-health ingredients omega-3 alpha linolenic acid and omega-6, as well as being a “good source” of vitamin E. Unilever officials say it would take about 100 lbs. of fruits, vegetables and nuts to get 2g of natural plant sterols.

Promise activ SuperShots also contain fruit and yogurt and come in three flavors: strawberry, peach and raspberry. They became available in stores in the dairy aisle beginning June l, priced at approximately $3.99 for a four-pack. They're recommended twice daily with meals.

“Most Americans are not at optimal levels of cholesterol,” said Lori Mosca, director of preventive cardiology at New York Presbyterian Hospital. “We can manage our levels through a comprehensive lifestyle approach that includes good nutrition and novel approaches to cholesterol reduction. One way ... is through using foods that are rich in natural plant sterols.”