Cargill announces premier sponsorship of the ADA


Sep 13, 2007

Cargill has become a premier sponsor of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). Cargill’s CoroWise brand of plant sterols will be featured prominently in various ADA materials throughout the two-year sponsorship.

“ADA welcomes this new relationship with Cargill and the CoroWise brand,” said registered dietitian and ADA President, Connie B. Diekman. “As a result of the CoroWise brand’s Premier Sponsorship, ADA members will be able to receive information and educational tools they can use in working with clients and patients who are interested in cholesterol-lowering options,” she said.

“The registered dietitian’s role is consultative in nature. Providing ADA members with information about CoroWise and the benefits of plant sterols is a win-win for our customers and those consumers seeking dietary options to reduce their risk of heart disease,” said Pam Stauffer, marketing programs manager, Cargill.