Cargill’s Barlív Barley Betafiber Meets FDA Health Claim Requirements for Soluble Fiber

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Mar 26, 2008

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an interim final rule to amend the existing health claim regarding soluble fiber and reduced risk of heart disease, to include barley betafiber as an authorized source of soluble fiber. Cargill’s patent-pending manufacturing process permits Cargill to produce a high beta glucan content product which provides customers a great ability to create new products that meet the requirements for the FDA health claim.

The FDA’s revision of the health claim is a result of Cargill’s health claim petition, based in large part on Cargill’s proprietary clinical research with Barlív barley betafiber. Cargill is the only producer of barley betafiber; therefore, Barlív barley betafiber is the only barley beta-glucan concentrate that qualifies for the FDA health claim* as defined.

Barlív barley betafiber is a concentrated β –glucan soluble fiber derived from whole grain barley and has been the subject of several studies. Food products containing barley betafiber can have cholesterol-lowering properties similar to oats. A six-week clinical study, conducted at the University of Minnesota by Joseph M. Keenan M.D., found that barley betafiber, when consumed as part of a heart-healthy diet, significantly improved total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels.

“Cargill is pleased that the FDA has extended its soluble fiber health claim to include barley betafiber,” said William Rock, Barlív barley betafiber product manager, Cargill. “This is a significant step in Cargill’s drive to commercialize new products with high relevance to consumers, capitalizing on the increasing demand for heart-healthy products.”

The high purity and low viscosity of Barlív barley betafiber allow for its use in a wide variety of applications, from carbonated beverages to snacks and cereals.

Cargill is also exploring the possibility of additional clinical studies that may support broader health benefits for Barlív barley betafiber, in line with other recognized health benefits. For more information about Barlív barley betafiber, visit www.cargillhft.com. Barlív – a simple source of heart and body wellness.

Cargill utilizes its consumer insight, regulatory and scientific expertise to develop and market products that help customers capitalize on the growing demand for healthier consumer packaged goods. The company provides ingredient solutions relevant to some of today's most pressing health concerns, including heart health, digestive health, diabetes and obesity.

*Following is an example of how a health claim could be worded:

“Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 3 grams of beta-glucan soluble fiber from barley betafiber may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of [insert name of food] provides [insert number] of grams of this soluble fiber.”