Dooley Quits GMA for Chemicals, Molpus Returns


Jul 25, 2008

Cal Dooley, a fourth-generation farmer and for 14 years a U.S Representative from California and member of the House Agriculture Committee, resigned as president/CEO of the Grocery Manufacturers Assn., Washington. On Sept. 8, Dooley will become president/CEO of the American Chemistry Council.

C. Manly Molpus, who headed GMA from 1990 until his retirement in 2006, returns Sept. 2 as interim president/CEO, while a search for a permanent replacement is under way. Molpus heads his own consulting firm, Molpus Advisory Group.

Two and a half years ago, Dooley took over what then was the National Food Processors Assn., presiding first over a name change to the Food Products Assn. and then over the 2007  merger with the then Grocery Manufacturers of America.

“I would like to thank Cal Dooley for the leadership he has provided to GMA since taking the helm in January 2007,” said Doug Conant, president/CEO of Campbell Soup Co. and chairman of the GMA board. “As a result of the GMA-FPA merger, GMA is now an advocacy, supply chain and scientific powerhouse on behalf of our industry.”