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NSF International and Trucost Release New Carbon Emissions Report


Aug 21, 2009

NSF International, a public health and safety organization, and Trucost Plc, a global provider of environmental data and analysis, today announced the availability of a new report entitled, Carbon Emissions – Measuring the Risks. This free report examines the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of S&P 500 companies in several different sectors, including retail.

Many U.S. companies will soon have to pay for GHG emissions under the planned cap-and-trade program, an approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives to companies achieving reductions in pollutant emissions. This report looks at the GHGs emitted by S&P 500 companies in several sectors that NSF works with: chemicals, food and beverage, healthcare, industrial goods and services, personal and household goods, automobiles and parts and retail.

The report also highlights other significant environmental challenges facing these industries, by addressing the following:

  • Are companies measuring and reporting GHG emissions?
  • Which sectors emit the most direct operational GHGs?
  • Which sectors are most exposed to carbon costs under regulations to control GHG emissions?
  • Beyond carbon, what are the other significant environmental impacts of each sector?

The report is based on findings from Trucost’s study Carbon Risks and Opportunities in the S&P 500, which assessed GHG emissions, carbon intensity and exposure to carbon costs of S&P companies internationally using publicly disclosed information.

To view the free report, please visit