General Mills to Reduce Sugar in Cereals

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Dec 10, 2009

General Mills announced a public commitment to reduce sugar in cereals advertised to children to single‐digit grams of sugar per serving. 

General Mills has been reducing sugar in cereals advertised to children, while increasing key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, and providing whole grain.

The company believes its commitment is among the most aggressive goals advanced in the food industry. The initiative will extend globally to 130 countries, with Cereal  Partners Worldwide – the global cereal joint venture in which General Mills is a partner – adopting similar commitments.

Announcing that initiative, General Mills said it would deliver 26 million servings of whole grain every day across America. Today, General Mills’ Big G cereals are delivering 35 million servings of whole grain daily across America. Other companies in the food industry followed with initiatives of their own, and America’s whole grain intake has increased as a result. Ready-to-eat cereal is now the No. 1 source of whole grains in a child's diet – and whole grain is the number one ingredient in every cereal that General
Mills advertises to children.

For further information, visit www.cerealbenefits.com.