Food Safety

Food Safety Legislation Advances in the Senate


Nov 18, 2010

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According to a report on, the nation's food safety system might be in for a big overhaul sooner rather than later thanks to the Food Safety Bill. The long-awaited legislation would overal the food safety system, give new powers to the FDA and make farmers and food processors may have more responsiblity for preventing food-borne illness.

Food manufacturers and farmers have come under fire after a series of outbreaks of food poisioning were linked to food products such as eggs, tomatoes, spinach and peanuts.

The Senate voted 74 to 25 to begin debate on the bill. According to the site, the vote suggests the measure has strong bipartisan support and good prospects for passage.

Debate on the bill is expected to begin Thursday and could last up to 30 hours.

The food safety bill, if passed, would place greater responsibility on food processors and manufacturers to prevent contamination. 

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