New Food Products / Food Trends Reveals Top Food Trends for 2011


Dec 22, 2010

also cited: recently released its 2011 Trends Forecast. The report, developed in partnership with CultureWaves, the International Food Futurists and Mintel International, includes the trends and foods to watch in the coming year.

Top 10 Foods to Watch:
1. Small Pies
2. Sausage
3. Nutmeg
4. Moonshine
5. Gourmet Ice Pops
6. Grits
7. Sweet Potatoes
8. Fin fish
9. Cupuaçu fruit
10. Beans
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Top 10 Food Trends to Watch:
1. Canning makes a comeback
2. Gender roles switching in the kitchen
3. Locavores – Love your local grower
4. Don't ask and don't tell the calorie counts in your food
5. An appetite for food apps
6. Small (business) is the new big business
7. Fresh food every day
8. Chefs in the cafeteria
9. Discomfort foods
10. Foods that keep us young, strong and active
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