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Indra Nooyi Reveals Five Big Trends for PepsiCo at 2011 CAGNY Conference


Mar 11, 2011

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo's chairman/CEO, spoke Feb. 24 at the Consumer Analysts Group of New York's annual conference. It was her first visit to the annual meeting in several years. She spoke of five trends that PepsiCo will follow in the coming years. This is from a company transcript.

"Especially over the last four or five years we have been shaping and evolving PepsiCo for the realities of a new environment that we believe is going to be quite a lot different over the next decade. I think the next decade will be defined by a number of trends that will have a big impact on our business and the broader industry. Let me just talk about five of these trends.

  • "First, the continued growth of emerging and developing markets. More than ever, any company's growth is going to be defined to the extent to which they have a presence in developing and emerging markets. And I believe this trend will continue into the future as developed markets' growth rates slow down and developing and emerging markets pickup.
  • "Second big trend, health and wellness -- this is no longer a trend or a fad. This is here to stay. Profound changes are underway, both due to the aging population and significant pressure from external sources for consumers to change their lifestyles and to get healthier.
  • "Environment sustainability -- I don't want to spend any time talking about it. That's a major trend that is here to stay.
  • "The other trend is the digital revolution. It has fully revolutionized the way we need to engage with consumers and the way we innovate.
  • "And lastly, the role of brands and their connection to a purpose. This is a relatively new trend, and recently we are beginning to notice that people the world over are relating to global brands if they connect to them through a higher purpose. Additionally, we're also noticing, especially in the food and beverage space, that there appears to be a hark back to local brands which bring back good memories."