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With Sweetmyx GRAS, PepsiCo Can Lower Sugar

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Apr 06, 2014

Senomyx Inc., a San Diego ingredient development company, announced in March its Sweetmyx flavor modifier has been determined to be Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). The company immediately noted that gives green lights to partners PepsiCo and Firmenich to start using the flavor modifier in products.

Sweetmyx, formerly referred to as S617, is not a sweetener but is described by the company as "a flavor with modifying properties that is used as part of a flavor system." It apparently enables a significant reduction in the use of sugar or high-fructose corn syrup without the addition of non-nutritive sweeteners. Various product developers have  been eagerly following the development of the novel ingredient.

PepsiCo has exclusive rights to use the new flavor worldwide in all non-alcoholic beverages under an agreement established with Senomyx in August 2010. Firmenich has lifetime rights to commercialize Sweetmyx for food product categories and alcoholic beverages, with exclusive rights until March 2018.

“The new Sweetmyx flavor ingredient will enable the creation of lower-calorie beverages and foods that have reduced sweeteners without sacrificing taste,” said John Poyhonen, president/CEO of Senomyx. “We are particularly excited about the versatility of Sweetmyx since it allows for the reduction of either sucrose or fructose in products."

Senomyx also is developing ingredients to modify flavor sweet, salty and savory, as well as bitter blockers, cooling agents and natural high-potency sweeteners.