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Study Says Mobile Overtakes Print for Coupons

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Mar 07, 2016

Mobile couponing has overtaken print as consumers' source for coupons, according to a report from RetailMeNot (provider of mobile coupons) and Placed, a market research firm that specializes in online consumers' offline behavior.

Their report, released in February, found 43 percent of shoppers look for coupons on mobile apps, compared with 36 percent who use print resources. Their findings are based on 10,843 consumer responses.

"Coupons are no longer limited to Sunday circulars; however, coupons are still the number one incentive that consumers prefer," said Marissa Tarleton, RetailMeNot chief marketing officer. "Mobile has made coupons an on-demand activity, with nearly half of consumers preferring to look for coupons via a mobile app, the number one choice for conducting searches. Retailers who embrace this change in consumer behavior to deliver offers at all stages of the planning process are poised to capture sales in the moment."

Key findings:

  • Coupons remain the shopper's primary savings method. More than thee of five consumers actively seek out coupons in preference of other types of promotions.
  • Coupon users plan ahead before redeeming -- 85 percent look for coupons (non-grocery) prior to visiting a retailer.
  • Mobile apps are the top go-to place to find coupons. More than 40 percent of consumers search for coupons using a mobile app.
  • 75 percent of consumers used at least one app to assist in their shopping experience while in-store, and 27.5 percent used at least three apps.

Shoppers identified their five favorite shopping apps as Amazon, RetailMeNot, Walmart, Groupon and eBay.

"These results highlight the need for retailers to have an omnichannel presence when it comes to offers," said David Shim, founder and CEO of Placed. "Print is the medium in which retailers have had decades to optimize against redemption, but the greenfield opportunity exists in mobile and omnichannel coupons."

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