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Oprah's New Favorite Things: Food

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Jul 06, 2016

Not content with selling you Weight Watchers products, Oprah Winfrey appears ready to market a number of general food products, according to trademark applications cited by the New York Daily News.

The talk show queen in May filed paperwork to secure trademarks covering a number of products under the name Oprah’s Kitchen. The applications reportedly include dairy, meat, fish, processed and preserved foods, spices, juices, water, lemonade, baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables – as well as specialty items such as cut flowers, beer and energy drinks.

The newspaper also suggests she's considering a line of Oprah bacon, baked beans, sorbet, pickles, canned fish, fruit leather and even caviar. But no word on when the products could appear.

Last October, Winfrey spent $43 million to buy 10 percent of Weight Watchers and has appeared in TV commercials promoting the diet program and its products.