New Spam Museum Opens in Downtown Austin

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

May 06, 2016

Hormel Foods Corp. on April 22 opened the new Spam Museum in downtown Austin, Minn., celebrating the 79-year history of the iconic spiced ham-like product and the 125-year history of Hormel Foods.

The 14,000-sq.-ft. museum is in downtown Austin; its predecessor was on the Hormel campus on the outskirts of town. It houses a mix of galleries from the previous location and new experiences, including stories of the product’s popularity around the globe, the Spam brand today and its unique history with the military.

The company hopes the downtown location will increase patronage for surrounding businesses and promote tourism in Austin. Open seven days a week, the new Spam Museum is at 101 Third Ave. NE, Austin, Minn. Visit before it gets crazy-crowded like Disneyland. See