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Mars to Invest $900 Million in U.S. Supply Chain

By Lauren R. Hartman, Product Development Editor

Feb 03, 2017

m msFrom 2016 into 2017, Mars Inc. will invest $900 million in its U.S. supply chain, creating more new jobs, the company announced. The announcement follows a $1-billion domestic manufacturing investment and a $100-million facility upgrade to its Topeka, Kan. facility, where M&M's Caramel candies are made. Mars also recently expanded its petcare business, which will increase production at its Fort Smith, Ark. site. Last year, the company made a $50-million investment in Yorkville, Ill., to boost Skittles production, which added 25 percent more jobs there.

Producing and selling American-made products is a point of great pride, Mars added, and a commitment that will continue for years to come. "Our newest investments will not only create new jobs for Americans, but also will allow for more Mars products to be made in local communities across the U.S.," the company stated.

"We truly believe in the value of keeping our operations in America – it’s good for our people, it’s good for our business, and it’s good for the long-time fans of our products," said Tracey Massey, president of Mars Chocolate North America. "We’re looking forward to what these investments bring in 2017 and beyond."

Other 2016 investments include $100 million in Royal Canin’s new plant at the New Sioux City, S.D. site, creating 23 jobs through a $4.8-million expansion at the Mars Symbioscience site in Germantown, Md. Mars points out that many of its production facilities in operation for decades will also include upgrades.