Business Strategies

Better Eating Dominates Kroger Trends

By Pan Demetrakakes, Senior Editor

Oct 31, 2018

Improved nutrition is the impetus behind four of the five trends identified by Kroger as the top food industry drivers for 2019.

In a recent release, Kroger listed predictions for next year’s top food trends, and listed example of Kroger store brands that tied into those trends. Most of them had to do with the desire of food shoppers to improve their and their families’ diets.

The trends were:

Regional flavors. “Consumers will see a growing number of products influenced by local, regional and global tastes,” the statement says. Examples of Kroger store brands that fulfilled those tastes include Private Selection BBQ sauces, Kroger Nashville Hot Chicken Chips, Private Selection Brown Butter Bourbon Truffle Ice Cream and Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Cola.

Plant-based foods. Kroger quoted a Mintel survey where 31% of respondents said they did without meat at least one day a week. Kroger named several products from its Simple Truth natural/organic store brand line that tie into this trend, including coconut milk and powdered coconut milk creamer, meatless patties and organic hummus.

Eating styles. A Mintel survey had 15% of respondents identifying as vegetarian or vegan. Other health and wellness eating styles like the keto and paleo diets profoundly affect food choices. Relevant Kroger store brand products include Simple Truth date bars, frozen quinoa and red pepper omelet bites, tofu and grain-free original paleo friendly granola; and, in Kroger’s premium Private Selections line, beef jerky and avocado oil.

Gut-healthy foods. Consumers are looking for foods that help their digestion, especially with probiotics (bacteria that reside in the human intestine and help break down food). Store brand examples include Simple Truth organic kombucha and organic apple cider vinegar, Kroger Greek yogurt, and Kroger probiotic low-fat milk.

Low sugar/natural sweeteners. Mintel reports that 47% of consumers want to reduce sugar in their diets, and Kroger says many are interested in alternate natural sweeteners like honey and agave. Simple Truth products in this line include organic blue agave light golden syrup, orange blossom honey, organic seltzer water and organic coconut sugar.