White Castle to Sell Analogue Burger

By Pan Demetrakakes, Senior Editor

Sep 13, 2018

A leading manufacturer of plant-based analogue meat has landed its product in another high-profile foodservice location.

Impossible Foods, founded in 2011, specializes in plant analogues of ground beef. It announced  Sept. 13 that QSR chain White Castle has agreed to sell “Impossible sliders” at all of its nearly 400 outlets in 13 states. The decision comes after a test, started in April, at 140 White Castle locations in New York, New Jersey and Chicago.

“Sales easily exceeded our expectations,” White Castle CEO Lisa Ingram said in a statement. “The Impossible Slider is a hit with both loyal 'Cravers' and customers brand new to White Castle who are seeking out this buzz-worthy slider.”

The rollout at White Castle follows introduction of Impossible Burgers at The Cheesecake Factory and Applebee’s. The company opened a large-scale production facility in September 2017 in Oakland, Calif.