AB InBev Being Sued Over Naming Issue

By Erin Hallstrom, Digital

Apr 10, 2019

AB InBev is in legal news again, this time being sued by the clothing company Patagonia for a possible trademark infringement issue.

According to reporting on CNN, AB InBev was granted a trademark to sell Patagonia beer in the United States in 2012; however, they didn't start using the name until 2018, when it unveiled a line of Patagonia beer.

According to the reports, from its selling practices down to its logo, Patagonia beer, appears to have a look similar to Patagonia clothing.

AB InBev was recently in the news for another legal case, this time with MillerCoors, for issues relating to TV spots for Bud Light.

You can read the full report on the AB InBev/Patagonia lawsuit on CNN