Craig Hope Named CEO at Diamond of California

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Mar 05, 2019

Nut processor Diamond of California today (March 5) announced Craig Hope as CEO. The company said he has more than three decades of experience in consumer packaged goods, most recently as president/CEO of Country Fresh Inc. and JTM foods Inc., two food companies managed by Kainos Capital Private Equity.

From 2010–2016 he was chief customer & marketing officer at the former WhiteWave Foods, with some specialization in its Earthbound Farms business. Even earlier, he was at E&J Gallo, Nabisco and Kraft Foods.

Diamond of California's main line has been walnuts, although it recently introduced Heirloom Reserve Nut+Fruit Blends, a continuation of its premium line of Heirloom Reserve Walnuts, pecans and marcona almonds, paired with dried fruit.

“This year we plan on continuing to push the envelope by introducing groundbreaking products, as well as celebrating our core line in new ways so that we can accelerate the brand’s growth for years to come,” Hope said.