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Hot Stuff! New Leaders for Tabasco, Cholula

By Pan Demetrakakes, Senior Editor

Jun 18, 2019

Two of America’s leading hot sauce companies are getting new leadership.

Harold Gray “Took” Osborn III is the new president and CEO of the McIlhenny Co., producers of Tabasco hot sauce. He is a fifth-generation member of the company’s founding family, replacing Anthony Simmons, who will remain a member of the board of directors. Osborn has worked in various capacities at McIlhenny for decades, including agriculture, operations, new product development, sales and marketing.

Meantime, Cholula, the Mexican hot sauce, has a new CEO and a new management team, brought in by L Catterton, the private equity firm that purchased the brand earlier this year.

Food industry veteran Maura Mottolese will be the new CEO. Mottolese had been head of Tate’s Bake Shop, which was acquired by Mondelez last year. She also was head of marketing at Snapple Beverage Group.

Other new c-suite executives at Cholula include: Mike Nathenson, chief financial officer, formerly with Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo; Miguel Leal, chief marketing officer, formerly with Kind, Dannon and Frito-Lay; and David Yarmoff, senior vice president of operations, formerly with Snapple and Cadbury Schweppes.