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KFC Introduces Its Finger-Lickin' Faux Chicken

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Aug 26, 2019

Beyond Meat continues to make inroads in the foodservice market with KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) today being reported ready to test "Beyond Fried Chicken" at a single restaurant in Smyrna, Ga.

KFC, owned by Yum Brands, will offer Beyond Fried Chicken in two forms: nuggets or boneless wings, each available in six or 12-piece combo meals, reports CNN and other media. The wings cost $1 each ($6 for a half-dozen and $12 for a dozen), and the nuggets are $6.49 for six and $8.49 for 12. Customers can buy four plant-based chicken nuggets a la carte for $1.99.

Beyond Meat's vegetarian burger, which is based on pea protein isolate, not soy, has been a big hit. In addition to chicken, its lineup of plant-based products includes ground beef and sausage alternatives.

KFC will become the first nationwide fast food restaurant to test Beyond Meat's plant-based chicken, according to CNN.

Beyond Meat held an initial public offering of stock on May 1, going public at $25 per share. It neared $235 on July 26, but as of this writing was back to $146, about where it has been for the past month. Tyson Foods held a stake in Beyond Meat but sold it just before the analogue meat company’s initial public offering.

Its main rival in the analogue meat space, Impossible Foods is rumored to be planning an IPO as well. Its Impossible Whopper already is on its way to every Burger King in America.

CNN also reports Tim Hortons restaurants have started offering Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches and Dunkin' (Donuts) is testing Beyond Meat sausage and egg sandwiches.