Ingredient Round Up: February 2020

Feb. 11, 2020
Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our February 2020 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Black garlic extract

Black garlic is a culinary delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries, particularly in India and other Asian countries such as Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. Aged black garlic extract serves both functional food applications and the culinary market. Under the brand ABG10+, the extract is obtained from fresh garlic (Allium Sativum L.) that has been aged, a process which alters the physiochemical properties of garlic resulting in profoundly enhanced antioxidant and cardioprotective properties. It's also standardized to a higher concentration of the bioactive compound S-allyl cysteine (SAC) than standard black garlic. SAC is a water-soluble bioactive compound acclaimed for its high antioxidant capacity and its cardiovascular benefits, as supported by multiple clinical trials. Pharmactive Biotech Products

Clean label citrus dietary fiber

Nutrava Citrus Fiber is a sustainably sourced ingredient produced from intact citrus peels. The fiber can help manufacturers meet clean label requirements while achieving their productsí desired tastes and textures. Key applications include condiments, dressings, soups and fruit-flavored drinks. For example, the fiber can be used in vegan mayonnaise as an alternative to egg, gum stabilizers and starch, as well as in fruit-flavored drinks to create reduced-sugar beverages. CP Kelco

Clean label fat reducer

Delyte 12 has been formulated to replace the functional properties of fat, maintaining the texture, mouthfeel, flavor and quality of the final product. It is suitable for bakery products such as brownies and for cold-process dessert applications such as cheesecakes and frostings. In reducing fat content, the product reduces overall calories, too. In application, a 33% reduction in fat translates to approximately a 7.5% reduction in calories. The ingredient is easy to apply; has a clean label declaration; and is gluten- and allergen-free, non-GM and vegan. Ulrick & Short

Infant formula ingredients

Two products have been added to the Infat line. The original fat ingredient already contains approximately 40ñ45% sn-2 palmitate, enabling the formulas to provide many benefits of breast milk. Infat Pro offers higher levels of sn-2 palmitateóas much as 60%óallowing better absorption of calcium and fat. Infat MF is a special blend containing milk fat. These products may help to provide greater comfort and support bone strength and healthy gut bacteria. Advanced Lipids 

Caramel flavoring collection

The Sweet on Caramel Collection offers six flavors that are available in natural, liquid, non-GMO and water-soluble formulas. They include traditional, with hints of butter and warm vanilla; honey caramel, in which floral, fruity and botanical honey is blended with sweet buttery caramel; espresso caramel, a robust roasted coffee flavor with a dollop of fresh cream that meets sweet buttery caramel; nut caramel, mildly roasted nutty nuances that harmonize with buttery brown caramel; rum caramel, buttery brown and infused with rum and fruity nuances; and savory caramel, augmented with mildly spicy umami and savory accents. Comax

Lime powder 

Prodry IP Lime Powder has an authentic lime taste and is made from identity-preserved limes from California and Latin America. It can be used it in guacamole-style snacks, dry baking mixes, sauces, ready meals and meat and poultry products. The clean, acidic lime flavor comes from real lime puree and juice from Citrus latifolia and Citrus aurantifolia limes. The allergen- and gluten-free powder is suitable for vegetarian and vegan products and is halal- and kosher-certified. Ohly Ingredients

Five types of caseinates

Five different caseinate types suit a wide range of needs. They are available as granular, spray-dried, roller-dried and instant varieties, each offering unique advantages. They are highly soluble, boost nutrients for label claims or provide added functionality. These protein powerhouses (90-95% protein content) are suitable for use in sports nutrition, adult nutrition, medical nutrition as well food applications like savory and bakery. They are hormone-free, rBST-free, Non-GMO, Halal and Kosher. Farbest Brands

Newest super grain from Africa

Fonio is an ancient super grain from West Africa and has never been supplied to scale in the U.S. before now. The harvesting, hulling, and cleaning process is meticulous and time-consuming, only having been done by hand before. It used to take 90 women, working full-time two straight weeks to fill a single container with fonio. Due to the grain size being similar to a single grain of sand, it was very difficult to pick out each individual grain from the dirt and sand it was harvested from. Terra Ingredients

Non-GMO gelling starch for candies

Thingum 107NG is a new gelling starch made from non-GMO dent corn, one of two new non-GMO texturants added to the vendor's Non-GMO Project Verified ingredient solutions. These maize starches offer low heat viscosity and can be used to develop specific textures in confectionery products, such as gum sweets and jellies. The starch is available with different fluidity profiles ñ for soft or hard bites, or long or short textures in the mouth. Its higher degree of thinning means gums can be deposited at higher solids, decreasing drying time when compared to other starches. Tate & Lyle

Effective Jan. 1, all Sethness Products Co. caramel colors were re-branded as Sethness Roquette caramel colors, acknowledging the acquisition of the Skokie, Ill., company by France's Roquette. After successful joint ventures between the two family businesses, Roquette acquired Sethness Products Co. in 2018. The company also began celebrating its 140th year ñ it was started by Charles Sethness in 1880 in Chicago. See

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