Ingredient Round Up: August 2019

Aug. 15, 2019
Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our August 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Cold brew coffee extract

Cold Brew Coffee Extract is made via a cold extraction method, which delivers a superior taste profile. Cold brew extracts work in a variety of product applications, including dairy, confection, baking and nutrition applications. Extracts are available as organic, organic compliant, Kosher, Halal Certifiable, and Fair Trade. In addition to stock extracts utilizing beans from various origins, customers may supply their own beans.
Flavorchem; Downers Grove, Ill.; 630-932-8100; www.flavorchem.com

Stevia-based natural flavor

Zolesse is a stevia-based "natural flavor" (per FDA definition), that can help manufacturers deliver great-tasting products that meet consumer demand for clean label ingredients, all at an optimized cost compared to alternatives. The Non-GMO Project Verified ingredient is a glycosylated stevia extract that labels as natural flavor, enabling manufacturers to keep a short ingredients list. It works well with other stevia products (as well as monk fruit extract and sugar) and helps reduce bitterness and lingering and provides a more sugar-like taste. It's jointly marketed by Sweet Green Fields and Tate & Lyle. Tate and Lyle; Hoffman Estates, Ill.; 847-396-7500; tateandlyle.com

Plant-based ingredients for plant-based foods

AkoPlanet is a platform of plant-based oils and fats specially designed for use in plant-based foods, especially analogues to meat, dairy or ice cream. AkoPlanet CNO 16-003 ORD is made with organic coconut oil and at the recent IFT Food Expo was used to create a non-dairy, allergen-free vanilla soft serve dessert with creamy texture and clean, delicate vanilla flavor. AkoPlanet PBC 28-001 ORG, a blend of organic coconut oil and organic sunflower oil, was in a plant-based cheese. AAK USA Inc.; Edison, N.J.; 973 344 1300; aak.com

Buds of real butter

Butter Buds are butter concentrates produced with real butterfat. A proprietary enzyme-modification process creates natural powdered butter concentrates that are as much as 80 times the flavor strength of real butter. Because they're used at low usage levels, they provide significant ingredient cost-savings. Additional benefits include flavor masking, flavor enhancement, improved mouthfeel and an overall improvement in rounding out harsh notes. They're low in fat, cholesterol and trans fat, providing rich butter flavors while improving the nutritional profile of a variety of applications. They're Kosher and Halal certified. Butter Buds Inc.; Racine, Wis.; (262) 598-9900; www.bbuds.com

Plant-based oxidation control

GT-Fort is a consumer-friendly line of GRAS plant extracts that assists with oxidation control by significantly delaying lipid oxidation, which lengthens the shelf life of food and maintains brand consistency. This oil-soluble green tea extract is used as an alternative to traditional tocopherols and replacement to conventional synthetic antioxidants and is effective at extending shelf-life of a variety of foods. Kemin Industries; Des Moines, Iowa; 800-777-8307; www.kemin.com

More dairy, less sodium

Food and beverage manufacturers have been searching for lower sodium options that still provide food safety and shelf life considerations without sacrificing taste. Adding in authentic dairy flavors can improve the overall taste profile and reduce the reliance on salt for flavor. Dairy flavors offer a unique and unexpected way to optimize the taste profile in reduced sodium products. Sharp Cheddars, Parmesans and even bleu cheese flavors can be used to add a savory and umami character that is often missing in reduced-sodium applications. Edlong; Elk Grove Village, Ill.; 847-631-6700; www.edlong.com

Gluten-free, non-GMO functional native starches

Novation Lumina functional native starches are designed for light-colored applications with subtle flavors. The texturizers’ neutral color and flavor profile enable manufacturers to maintain the most appealing qualities of their products, even in delicate food applications. The starches deliver viscosity and gel strength comparable to modified starches, provide freeze/thaw and shelf life stability and have high process tolerance, making them suitable for products that undergo harsh processing conditions. They are gluten-free and non-GMO and do not require allergen labeling. Ingredion; Westchester, Ill.; 800-713-0208; www.ingredion.us

Ribose market expansion

Ribose increases ATP levels, which accelerate energy production, increase performance, reduce muscle stiffness and provide greater endurance. It's safe, all-natural and is protected by a family of patents covering all known uses of ribose in nutrition. Applications include heart health to help maintain blood flow and animal nutrition to support growth, energy and performance in dogs, horses and other pets, with benefits for aging pets. The ingredient is GRAS-affirmed, non-GMO Project-verified, Kosher and Halal. It can be formulated for supplements, food, beverage, dairy, topical personal care products and pet health products. Bioenergy Life Science; Ham Lake, Minn.; 763-757-0032; www.bioenergylifescience.com

Specialty shortenings for baked goods

Vream specialty shortenings are designed to enhance the appearance, mouthfeel and functionality of icings, donuts and tortillas. The three shortenings have a clean taste, a wide temperature tolerance and smooth consistency. The shortening for icings delivers a bright white appearance and light texture and eliminates post-hardening—which means better mouthfeel and longer shelf-life. The donut shortening enhances adhesion of glazes and icings and reduces glaze cracking. The tortilla shortening improves rollability to reduce tears and makes soft tortillas. Bunge Loders Croklaan; Channahon, Ill.; 800-621-4710; www.bungeloders.com

Vegan gelling agent in sheet form

These agar-agar sheets are designed to eliminate the ambiguity of spoon measurements and complicated conversions of powder solutions. Each sheet has an exactly defined and identical gelling strength, simplifying its use in recipes. Agar-agar has a higher melting point than many gelling agents, so dishes prepared with it can maintain stability (not melt) longer, even under extreme conditions. As it is plant-based, it can be used to create vegan or vegetarian dishes that require gelling. Gelita Group; Sergeant Bluff, Iowa; www.gelita.com

Stabilizer for vegan and plant-based beverages

Grindsted Gellan Veg 200 stabilizer is made for plant-based and vegan beverages. It is produced by bacteria during fermentation of renewable, bio-based raw materials. It provides stability and particle suspension and minimal contribution to mouthfeel. It is suitable for a range of plant-sourced raw materials, has low protein reactivity and high performance across a broad pH range. DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences; New Century, Kan.; 913-764-8100; www.dupontnutritionandhealth.com

GRAS approval for stevia-based flavor modifier

Vitosa natural flavors, a new line of stevia products, has received GRAS approval. The "flavoring with modifying properties" provides flavor modification properties that can be used to impart, enhance or modify the flavor profile of a wide range of food and beverage applications. The result of patent-pending technological innovation, Vitosa applications include carbonated soft drinks, juices, energy and sports drinks, flavored water, dairy products, cookies and candies. They are synergistic with a wide range of natural sugars and high-intensity sweeteners. HB Natural Ingredients; Irvine, Calif.; 949-296-9851; www.hbnaturalingredients.com

Macadamias as a dairy substitute

Macadamias are being developed as a dairy alternative, and three products have been created successfully: mushroom soup, mango smoothie and yogurt. Because of their high healthy fat content, macadamias have very high and stable emulsification properties. This means little to no product separation together with the preservation of creamy texture. They are neutral in flavor, which makes way for a variety of uses, sweet, salty and otherwise. They also have been found to be an excellent flavor carrier, again because of their high fat content. Green and Gold Macadamias; Gold Coast, Australia; +61 7 5600 0971; www.greenandgoldmacadamias.com

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