Ingredient Round Up: June 2019

May 22, 2019
Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our June 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Nutrient-rich malted barley extract

Recently, malted barley extract has become an attractive option for food & beverage manufacturers when compared with standard sugars or artificial substitutes. Malted barley extract offers distinct flavor profiles and various health-related benefits pertaining to probiotics, plant-derived proteins and sports recovery. The MaltRite portfolio comprises multi-functional ingredients that act as natural humectants (moisture absorber), and enhance browning (maillard reaction), fermentation, body and viscosity. Other benefits include: plentiful antioxidants, athletic recovery and gut health. Malt Products Corp.; Saddle Brook, N.J.;

Whey protein hydrolysate adds fizz to sports drinks

Lacprodan Hydro.Clear 100% whey protein hydrolysate solution is specially developed for formulating sparkling protein waters. It is fat- and sugar-free with a low bitterness profile and long shelf life. It's also lactose-free, low in energy, very low in salt and easy to flavor. It can be used to produce sparkling water products with up to 6% protein, making it suitable for use by sports drinks manufacturers to create crystal-clear, sparkling, high-protein RTD beverages. Arla Foods Ingredients; Basking Ridge, N.J.; 908-604-8551;

Probiotic cultures range for fermented, plant-based food and beverages

The Danisco Vege probiotic cultures range has been expanded to include Howaru Dophilus VG, which contains Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Howaru Bifido VG, which contains Bifidobacterium lactis HN019, both noted for positive results in digestive health. Available in single strain form, this nondairy range also is nonanimal, nonallergenic and non-GMO and is suitable for vegan diets. It can be integrated with existing cultures used in plant-based fermented food & beverage formulations. The cultures were developed for plant-based raw materials such as soy, peas, coconut, almond, nuts, oat, maize, rice, fruits and vegetables. DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences; New Century, Kan.; 913-764-8100;

Water-binding citrus fiber

Nutrava citrus fiber is derived from intact citrus peels and helps address clean label food & beverage requirements. The fiber offers gelling, thickening, stabilizing and water-binding capabilities and may be used to replace starch, eggs or oil in many recipes. Key applications include fruit-flavored drinks, drinking yogurts, dressings, condiments, sauces, bakery, meats and soups. CP Kelco; Atlanta; 800-535 2687;

Improved fat oxidation and stable blood glucose profile

Palatinose has been shown to help endurance athletes maintain a more stable blood glucose profile and higher fat oxidation and therefore experience improved cycling performance. Derived from sugar beet—and also found in honey—the product is a fully digestible disaccharide-type carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose. Yet, as a result of its stronger linkage, it provides carbohydrate energy in a more steady and sustained way, with less effect on blood glucose levels and insulin. It creates an improved metabolic profile with more stable blood glucose levels and a higher contribution of fat utilization in energy metabolism. Beneo; Morris Plains, N.J.; 973-867-2140;

Soluble guar fiber for digestive health

In a pilot study, scientists have reported that Sunfiber soluble guar fiber may improve both constipation and irritability in children with autism spectrum disorder. When gut bacteria are imbalanced, they send improper signals to the brain. However, soluble, prebiotic fiber feeds the gut’s good bacteria and helps to establish a healthier probiotic balance in the gut. Soluble fiber also is known to help manage occasional constipation. The idea is that using soluble fiber to support gut health can make the children feel better and may result in behavioral improvements. Sunfiber is suitable for formulation in bars, bakery, snacks, beverages, dairy and supplements. Taiyo International; Minneapolis; 763-398-3003;

Protein with a crunch

Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps are light and airy and made with 100% milk protein. They deliver more than 74% protein, giving bars and snacks an extra protein boost, especially in formulations in which it is not technically feasible to add more protein elsewhere. Customizable to a number of sizes, they can be used as an inclusion or easily seasoned or coated for a stand-alone snack. They are suitable for use in nutrition bars, confections, trail mixes and other snack formats. Glanbia Nutritionals; Chicago 844-303-7304;

Bioavailable curcumin for RTD beverages

Curcugen is a 100% natural, water-dispersible curcumin ingredient whose composition base is turmeric oleoresin. The Self D platform technology helps to optimize the oleoresin base and eliminates the need to complement the curcuminoids with other nonturmeric ingredients or reconstitute it with displaced turmeric ingredients. Its formulation helps to overcome the absorption issues characteristic of unformulated curcumin. It includes a self-dispersing mechanism in liquid that allows for a clinical dose in a fluid medium. This makes it suitable for functional foods and ready-to-mix or RTD beverages. As a free-flowing dry ingredient, it can be used in traditional capsules, gummies, soft chews and oral dispersible formats, among others. Dolcas Tenshi Bioceuticals; Landing, N.J.; 973-347-1958;

Fruit-based ingredient for RTE cereals

Fruitlift is a real-fruit-based ingredient that can replace refined sugars in ready-to-eat cereals. The formulation includes fibers and offers a range of fruits. The base can give a fruity flavor or can be blended into a cereal brand’s signature flavor. The product is composed of 90% fruit components in a liquid base that can be injected into any flour mixture in the extrusion line or applied via the coating drum in cereal production. The fruit base delivers a mild sweetness, with or without a fruity flavor. Gat Foods; Givat Haim, Israel; +972-4-6368858;

Natural astaxanthin powder for eye health

AstaPure-EyeQ is a microencapsulated, cold water-soluble 2% natural astaxanthin powder manufactured to protect the eye from oxidative stress and radiation. It is encapsulated with a formula of completely biodegradable and natural materials, enabling higher bioavailability in the eyes and brain. It is derived from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae, which is known to be the richest source of natural astaxanthin. It can be readily incorporated into supplements such as soft gels, sachets, gummies and chewables and other functional foods and beverages. The fully soluble powder has a neutral flavor and aroma. It was developed in conjunction with Sphera Encapsulation. Algatech; Kibbutz Ketura, Israel; +972 8635-6425;

Gluten-free egg replacement

This egg replacement solution for gluten free bakeries features an ingredient called ovaprox F. It mimics the textural properties of the egg in gluten-free bakery applications. It also is dairy-free, clean label and non-GM, meaning manufacturers can offer complete label transparency, and can replace 25% of egg in a range of gluten-free bakery applications, such as cakes, muffins, cupcakes and pancakes. Ulrick & Short; Pontefract, U.K.; +44(0)1977 620011;

Pumpkin seed extract for BPH symptom relief

Go-Less Men (EFLA 940) has been shown to help symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The plant extract originates from defatted pumpkin seeds of Cucurbita pepo L. ssp. pepo var. styriaca. It is manufactured using a water-ethanolic extraction solvent and a proprietary decontamination procedure, resulting in an oil-free pumpkin seeds extract to ensure increased stability, purity and solubility and to eliminate any rancidity. Frutarom; Haifa, Israel; 201-941-8777;

Enhanced muscle protein synthesis and strengthening

Upletic is a patented, synergistic blend of two botanical extracts and has been designed to enhance muscle protein synthesis, strength and performance. It can be used as a standalone supplement or as part of a mixture of ingredients that enhance sports performance, as is found in WinCaps, a preworkout solution that features Upletic for muscle growth. Naturex; Avignon, France; +33 490-239-689

Macadamias as a dairy substitute

Macadamias are being developed as a dairy alternative, and three products have been created successfully: mushroom soup, mango smoothie and yogurt. Because of their high healthy fat content, macadamias have very high and stable emulsification properties. This means little to no product separation together with the preservation of creamy texture. They are neutral in flavor, which makes way for a variety of uses, sweet, salty and otherwise. They also have been found to be an excellent flavor carrier, again because of their high fat content. Green and Gold Macadamias; Gold Coast, Australia; +61 7 5600 0971;

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