Ingredient Round Up: November 2018

Nov. 14, 2018
Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our November 2018 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Dehydrated sweet potato

Sweet potato ingredients now are available in dehydrated form to enhance your product, add nutrients and extend shelf life – all with a natural solution. Carolina Craft flours and granules are innovative ways to integrate sweet potatoes into your formulation. They offer a functional, clean-label solution for breads, snacks, cereals and more. The gluten- and allergen-free flour blends well with traditional flours. Tests show bread made with these ingredients has a longer shelf life. They’re high in fiber, vitamin A, beta carotene, calcium and potassium. They’re suitable for sausages, patties and other meat applications. Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients; Nashville, N.C.; 252-462-1551; cifingredients.com

Egg, dairy & soy replacement by Nature

Simple Cellulose is a substitute for egg, dairy and soy in recipes. It’s a multi-functional food texturizer and emulsifier made of dissolved plant fiber – which would otherwise go unused -- harvested by breaking apart cell walls with water through a proprietary technology. It even enhances existing flavors by retaining more of the taste from naturally occurring fats and oils. The ingredient is non-allergenic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, inherently Kosher and Halal (although not yet certified), organic eligible (not yet certified) and free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. And it’s immune to the price fluctuations of eggs. Renmatix Technologies; King of Prussia, Pa.; 484-751-4000; renmatix.com

Orange flavor

Known for their fruity and refreshing notes, citrus flavors are suitable for a range of applications, from carbonated soft drinks to juice-based beverages to flavored waters. The entire orange flavor portfolio is a natural and versatile solution that covers orange taste profiles from single natural orange flavors up to great tasting flavor combinations. Wild Flavors; Erlanger, Ky. 859-342-3600; www.wildflavors.com

Tea time is anytime

Tea is no longer a beverage for only a certain time of the day. Exciting new offerings have consumers reaching for tea in different forms and flavors around the clock. It is associated with sophistication and flair as well as with naturality and health. The ability of tea to offer rich, intricate profiles makes it the perfect way to add flavor and depth to everything from ice cream to chocolate and alcoholic beverages. The supplier’s Tea Collection brings together an exploration of eight different tastes: Green Tea, Matcha Tea, White Tea, Cascara Tea, Rooibos, Chai Tea, Black Tea and Earl Grey. Sensient Flavors; Hoffman Estates, Ill.; 847-755-5300; www.sensientflavorsandfragrances.com

Sugar reduction

These stabilizing and texturing systems are designed to compensate for lower sugar content. They include individual ingredient combinations for such foods as yogurt, drinking yogurt, mixed milk drinks and pudding, as well as fruity refreshing drinks, energy drinks, ketchup and plant-based whipping creams. Hydrocolloids and starch give stability, body and a pleasing texture, while special plant fibers improve the way products feel in the mouth. Natural flavors and conventional sweeteners or raw materials such as stevia also are used. Hydrosol GmbH; Ahrensburg, Germany; +49 (0) 40 / 284 039-190; hydrosol.de/en/

Milk protein concentrate

Epiprot 60 UL milk protein concentrate contains 60 percent total native protein. It is produced directly from fresh milk using a unique ultra-low heat process that allows for minimal denaturation and optimal functional and nutritional properties. Epi Ingredients; France; 567-825-6512; www.epi-ingredients.com

Belgian chicory root fiber

Fibruline chicory root fiber is a soluble fiber derived from chicory roots grown in western Belgium. Invisible, tasteless and easy-to-process, this ingredient is used by food manufacturers worldwide to enrich their products with fiber and to reduce sugar content. It has application in dairy, bakery, confectionary and beverage products as well as in products for particular nutritional uses such as infants or seniors. It can play an important role in weight management diets and supports a low-glycemic diet. Cosucra; Belgium; www.cosucra.com

Bitter orange extract has health benefits

Aurantium Inside EX 45 is a natural bitter orange extract titrated in total flavonoids and para-synephrine. It is guaranteed GMO free, gluten free, allergen free and heavy-metals free. It has 45 percent total flavonoids and 2 percent or less para-synephrine. Applications include digestion, stress, urinary comfort and weight management. ActivInside; Bordeaux Area, France; +33(0) 535 541 560; activinside.com

Milk-based flavor enhancer

Ascentra is a natural, sodium-reducing flavor enhancer made from a proprietary, whole-milk based fermentation process. In addition to lowering sodium content 25-50 percent, it enables a new and efficient way to obtain a wide range of flavor and maintain a clean label. It won the Innovation Award at this past summer’s Food Tech Summit Expo in Mexico. DairiConcepts; Springfield, Mo.; 816-801-6728; www.dairiconcepts.com

Sunflower seeds into flour

SunMeal flour comes from sunflower seeds and is cheaper than isolated proteins, replaces 30 percent of regular all-purpose flour, doubles the protein and fiber and is great for snacks, cookies, crackers, desserts, pasta, pizza, burger buns and bread. The company upcycles defatted seeds from animal feed for human consumption. The supplier broke the fiber and made the protein palatable. Defatted seeds are the dry matter left after oil extraction. Planetarians; Berkeley, Calif.; 650-713-1091; www.planetarians.com

Natural, fermented nisin

Galacin nisin is produced by fermentation of Lactococcus lactis and used to protect a wide range of food products against pathogens and gram-positive spoilage bacteria. This product is heat-resistant and non-dairy based, allowing for effective preservation of food products throughout production and transportation. It’s non-GMO, Halal and Kosher certified, GRAS by FDA, heat-resistant and applicable to a wide variety of food and beverage products. Viachem; Plano, Texas; 972-265-0400; www.viacheminc.com

Encapsulated baking powder

With sodium reduction one of the key health trends in baking, a new generation of healthy baking powder is based on microencapsulated glucono-delta-lactone (eGdL) combined with sodium bicarbonate or a special type of potassium bicarbonate. A sodium reduction of 50-80 percent is possible. Studies show that microencapsulated GdL and potassium bicarbonate demonstrate equal performance in terms of stability in premixes, rate of reaction, baking quality and taste. Jungbunzlauer; Basel, Switzerland; +41-61-2955 100; www.jungbunzlauer.com/en/

Potato starches for meat, meat alternatives and culinary products

SimPure label-friendly potato starches include options for both instant and cook-up applications. SimPure 99500 creates firm and meaty textures without the salty taste as a result of its water-binding capabilities. This cook-up starch is a texturizer designed for meat and meat alternatives. SimPure 99530, a functional cook-up starch, delivers dispersibility that makes it suitable for use in dehydrated culinary and dairy applications for immediate consumption. SimPure 99570 and 99571 instant viscosifying starches are designed for use in cold prepared soups, sauces, desserts and fillings. These functional starches differ in particle size to offer either a smoother or a pulpier texture. Cargill; Minneapolis; 800-227-4455; www.cargill.com

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