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Ingredient Round Up: November 2015

Nov. 17, 2015
Ingredients from The International Dairy Show and SupplySide West Conference & Expo make up this month's ingredient round up.

We attended two ingredients-oriented shows in September and October. The International Dairy Show, a mix of ingredients and equipment, was co-located – for the final time – with Process Expo at Chicago's McCormick Place Sept. 15-18. The 19th annual SupplySide West Conference & Expo, Oct. 5-9 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, is considered the largest trade show for the dietary supplement, food and pharmaceutical industries in the country. The show featured more than 2,000 booths offering some 10,000 ingredients and services for food and beverages, supplements, animal nutrition, personal care, pharmaceutical, sports nutrition, packaging, nutraceuticals and more. Below are some products from those shows.

Orange as a pumpkin

Caramelized pumpkin is the newest addition to the vendor's line of simple label brown options made from fruit and vegetable juice concentrates. Made from 100 percent pumpkin juice, this product provides a stable, clean label brown option for syrups, sauces, soups, beverages, baked goods, ice creams, and confections. It can be blended with beta-carotene or annatto to create a custom “pumpkin orange” shade for any application.

D.D.Williamson; Louisville, Ky.; 502-895-2438; www.ddwcolor.com

Soy protein for sports nutrition

New Supro XT 221D isolated soy protein was developed to be easily mixable with a spoon and to overcome clumping and can dissolve in nine seconds. The isolated soy protein provides excellent functionality and is suited for use in dry blended beverage applications. Research shows soy-dairy protein blend ingestion prolongs the muscle protein synthesis response in combination with resistance exercise. A recent study found long-term use of a soy-dairy protein blend supplement may enhance muscle gains when provided for three months along with participation in a resistance exercise program. The anabolic potential of the blend has recently been demonstrated in acute studies that show prolonged delivery of amino acids to muscle when a blend of soy and dairy proteins is consumed after exercise.

DuPont Nutrition & Health; St. Louis; 913-738-3436; www.danisco.com

Gelatin-free gummy candy

Gelatin has a unique texture desired by confectioners and nutraceutical companies for gummy candies, vitamins and nutritional delivery systems, so finding a gelatin replacement used to be difficult. Ticagel GC 564 S is a hydrocolloid for use in gelatin-free gummy candy that is processing-friendly and can be added or activated the same way as gelatin using 180-degree water and an activation time of 10 minutes. It gives a softer, more chewy gummy candy compared to gelatin but yields a springiness or elasticity more comparable to fruit slice texture. Ticagel GC 581 B is also processing-friendly and can be added or activated the same way as Ticagel CG-546 S. It affords a firmer gummy candy compared to gelatin but yields a decent springiness or elasticity compared to fruit slice texture.

TIC Gums; Belcamp, Md.; 800-899-3953; www.ticgums.com

From variegates to beverage flavors and toppings

The company has long been a supplier of variegates and inclusions for ice cream. But a new market focus is the beverage category, where its traditional toppings (sprinkles, flakes, candies and crunches) and drizzles (caramels, chocolates, fruits and other flavors) can be applied. The company also has developed a variety of traditional flavors and unique flavor blends for beverage applications including smoothies, malts, shakes, hot/cold coffee drinks, fruit drinks, juices,hot/cold teas and alcohol-based drinks. Sweet, fruity or savory toppings and drizzles can even be added to craft beers.

Parker Products; Melrose Park, Ill.; 800-433-5749; parkerproducts.com

Varietal flavors, plant sterols, clean labeling

CardioAid plant sterol blocks the absorption of cholesterol when used in foods and beverages. An antioxidant blend featuring CardioAid was offered for tasting in the form of a Bartlett pear smoothie with green plant-derived sources as well as Marion blackberry and Red Delicious apple smoothies that all emphasized truly specific fruit flavors. Also, a vegan soft-serve ice cream featuring maple bourbon flavors in a nondairy soy protein base tasted like full-fat ice cream. And ADM discussed its agreement to purchase Eatem Foods Co., developer and producer of premium traditional, natural and organic savory flavor systems.

ADM; Chicago; 312-634-8100; www.admworld.com

Functional products and wellness foods

Kinetiq, is a citrus aurantium extract, a stimulant-free performance ingredient that delivers energy, flavor balance and thermogenic and resistance training performance benefits, backed by more than dozen human safety and efficacy clinical studies. Suitable as an ingredient for active fitness and weight management applications, Kinetiq is available in a range of delivery formats and product prototypes, including beverage powders, ready-to-drink products and chews.

Novel Ingredients; East Hanover, N.J.; 973-808-5900; www.novelingredient.com

Grab-and-go nutritional solutions

Pure-Dent unmodified specialty starches, corn syrup solids and Maltrin maltodextrins provide functionality, dependable sourcing and customizing. Pure-Dent starches have low viscosities that achieve good film forming and adhesive properties. They are fast drying, flavor-free and adhere well to snacks and cereals. Pure-Cote and Instant Pure-Cote are easy to use and can extend shelf life. Maltrin maltodextrin covers a dextrose equivalence range of 5 to 25. Maltrin and corn syrup solids are produced in a number of physical forms to extend their functionality, dispersibility and flow properties. The starches can be used to thicken, gel and coat a myriad of foods, dry mixes, dairy products, beverages and sauces to name a few.

Grain Processing Corp.; Muscatine, Iowa; 563-264-4265; www.grainprocessing.com

Custom premixes and micro-encapsulation

Food and beverage premixes in both dry and liquid formats can be produced using a wide range of commercial blenders to accommodate sizes from bench-top development to full-scale production. The custom nutritional premixes combine micro- and macronutrients specifically designed to suit customer requirements. Each nutrient component is prescaled and precision-blended and can be specially packaged to fit batch sizes. Formulations can include functional ingredients such as fibers, gums, amino acids and others. The custom products can include micro-encapsulation for a wide range of barrier properties for flavor masking and to overcome moisture, heat and oxygen sensitivities.

Watson Inc., West Haven, Conn.; 800-388-3481; www.watson-inc.com

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