New Ingredients: February 2024

Feb. 8, 2024
Plant-based meat from Crespel & Deiters; stevia from Howtian; pickle flavoring from Aromatech; pulse protein from Ingredion Inc.; chickpea flakes from Symrise.

Find yourself in a pickle

The pickle is a very useful condiment in kitchens, bringing a delightfully twisted taste. With an acidulant touch, this natural pickle liquid flavor will bring that touch of pep to your savory applications such as sauces, broths, snacks and cheeses. Its organoleptic profile is characterized by pickle, green, fresh, dill and vinegar notes.
Aromatech; Grasse, France
33 (0)4 9360 8444;


Pulses with sustainability

The Ultra-performance line of dry-milled, high-performance pulse protein solutions helps food and beverage manufacturers appeal to consumers by offering an exceptional sensory and taste experience with superior sustainability. They help eliminate raw plant flavor and bitter taste that negatively affect product, while delivering up to 60% plant protein, allowing food and beverage manufacturers to pack more grams of protein into their products. These proteins also help effectively control microbial levels in ways other dry milled pulse products cannot, using a process that uses 99% less water and 94% less energy than traditional pea protein production, generates no wastewater and does not incorporate chemicals or additives.
Ingredion Inc.; Westchester, Ill.

Wheat is the new meat

Create plant-based versions of grillable classics such as steaks, sausages, burger patties, fish filets and more with wheat texturates. Texture can be adjusted and tailored with the addition of water, as the degree of hydration determines bite strength. An authentic replica of the original animal-based product is achieved by combining the texturates with the appropriate functional mixture of wheat gluten and starches, all of which are neutral in taste and smell, giving manufacturers an unlimited opportunity to individually flavor their products.
Crespel & Deiters; Ibbenbüren, Germany
+49 5451 5000 381;


Stevia just for dairy

Not all stevia is created equally, and not all stevia varieties deliver optimal results in every application. SoPure Galaxy-Series was created especially for the dairy industry, which is developing reduced-sugar yogurts, milky beverages and other products to cater to evolving, health-conscious consumers — with "no added sugar," "sugar-free," and "low sugar" claims accounting for 10-11% of all dairy innovations. This product delivers: Virtually identical sweetness profile to full sugar in yogurts; Enhanced milky notes & prolonged fruity flavors; Rich, creamy mouthfeel when combined with bulking agents; Clean label with zero calories. The supplier claims SoPure Galaxy-Series has superior sensorial performance compared to high purity Reb A — at less than half the cost of Reb M.
Howtian (formerly Zhucheng Haotian Pharma)

Chickpea and its water

Chickpea has become a popular food and ingredient for nutrition-conscious consumers who care about the impact of their diet on the planet. Addressing this, the supplier has developed chickpea flakes, a vegan option. Their high protein and fiber content make them a valuable nutritional ally for plant-based recipes. They bring texture and juiciness to a wide range of applications, including falafels, healthy snacks, and dips such as hummus. Aquafaba – literally, “bean water” in Latin – describes the cooking water of chickpeas, and it's also available in flakes. They act as a vegan alternative to egg yolk, allowing clean labeling. With water and oil retention properties, aquafaba flakes offer a vegan option with comparable texture and taste to mayonnaise and salad dressings.
Symrise; Holzminden, Germany