Nestlé USA Chief Marketing Officer Offers Predictions for 2022

Dec. 23, 2021
Nestlé USA's chief marketing officer looks at four trends for the new year.

"Food is not static," begins a post penned by Nestle USA's Chief Marketing Officer Alicia Enciso. "Our tastes change, our priorities rearrange, and the way we enjoy food and beverages evolve as a result."

With that, she introduces "some of the trends we’re most excited about in the coming year." With a highly abbreviated comment from her on each, they are:

1. The plant-based boom is here to stay, driven by evolving consumer priorities.
Among her points: "It’s becoming increasingly clear that, especially in younger generations, sustainability is driving the popularity of plant-based foods."

2. Working from home has inspired a breakfast and lunch revolution.
"Breakfast and lunch have changed enormously in the past year with more people eating both occasions at home than pre-pandemic. … Those meals have become innovation battlegrounds."

3. Grocery store shelves increasingly live online, and e-commerce adoption will only speed up.
"In the past, consumers would either buy their groceries online or in-store. That behavior has changed, and many consumers are now buying from both, recognizing the unique benefits of each option."

4. America’s increasing diversity and the power of social trends are encouraging consumers to try global flavors at home.
As restaurants closed during the first waves of the pandemic, adventurous dining moved into home kitchens, and much of that will stick. But Nestle's also considering the growing diversity of the U.S. population. "For our increasingly multicultural consumers, what we may describe as international flavors are a taste of home, and we want to make it easier for those consumers to access familiar flavors they know and love."

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