Givaudan, Bühler, Migros Establishing Pilot Plant for Cultured Meats

Sept. 15, 2021
Ingredient, equipment and retail companies join forces for hub near Zurich.

An ingredient supplier, equipment vendor and food retailer have formed The Cultured Food Innovation Hub in Kemptthal near Zurich, Switzerland, to accelerate the development of cultured meat and other cellular agricultural products.

Givaudan apparently will contribute its ingredient knowledge, Buhler its equipment technology and Migros, the largest retail company in Switzerland, its knowledge of the consumer market and customer interaction. The unit will start operations next year.

"The combination of the three partners is remarkable,” said Fabio Campanile, Givaudan’s Global Head of Science and Technology, Taste & Wellbeing.

The hub will provide facilities and knowledge to accelerate companies developing cultured meat, fish and seafood, as well as precision fermentation. It will be equipped with a product development lab as well as cell culture and bio fermentation capabilities to help start-ups develop and go to market with products.

"There are many arguments supporting the mass suitability of cultured meat: meat without slaughter or factory farming, a significantly better climate balance, no use of antibiotics and ensured food security," the announcement said.

The Valley in Kemptthal was described by the three sponsors as a hotbed of innovation and technology just outside of Zurich.

“Cellular agriculture offers a solution in several areas from reducing land use and water, to animal welfare, to the safety and quality of the food chain. The three partners in this new venture are each committed to sustainability as individual companies; the combined effort enables the journey to a more sustainable food system,” said Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer at Bühler.

“Consumers are beginning to understand the idea of cellular agriculture and the benefits it can provide; the market is poised for exceptional growth,” added Matthew Robin, Managing Director Elsa-Mifroma at Migros-Industrie. "When you put it all together, it is a winning combination for the planet."

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