Ingredient Round Up: November 2020

Nov. 13, 2020
Our editors selected the following food and beverage ingredient products to feature in our November 2020 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

The bold taste of chorizo

Bring your product innovations a flavor adventure with the robust color, spice and convenience of new, fully cooked Chorizo sausage. The juicy, all-meat pork crumble pairs poblano peppers with the traditional taste of Chorizo spices to bring just the right amount of heat for any application: breakfasts, appetizers, entrees and snacks. And you can cater to lovers of alternative proteins too, with our fully cooked Chorizo-Style Plant-Based Crumbles. Samples are available. Hormel Ingredient Solutions

Beetroot-cranberry flavors

Enjoy sweetness, authenticity and naturalness with this certified organic mixture of beetroot and cranberry flavors. This aromatic composition will add an original touch to your sweet and savory applications, such as cookies, confectionery, fresh cheeses, crackers and more. Its organoleptic profile mainly reveals earthy and fruity notes reminiscent of red fruits, beetroot and cranberry. Aromatech

Vegan alternative egg replacer

The functional ingredient Ovaprox 5 has been designed to improve the quality of vegan cakes and muffins with regard to volume, crumb structure, texture, emulsification and tenderizing. It mimics the functional properties of egg in a 100% egg replacement scenario. Using just the natural functionality of crops, it is clean label, non-GM and allergen free. It has a 12-month shelf life in ambient conditions. Ulrick & Short

Tropical flavor collection

The Greetings from the Tropics collection features six mouthwatering and juicy flavors: coconut, guava, mango, papaya, passionfruit and pineapple. These tropical flavors are made to be natural, water-soluble, liquid, non-GMO and allergen-free. The versatile flavor range can be used in a variety of applications, including nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages, baked goods and confections, savory sauces and entrÈes as well as dairy and plant-based products. Comax

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Wheat and pea proteins

Arcon T textured pea proteins, Prolite MeatTex textured wheat protein and Prolite MeatXT nontextured wheat protein help to improve the texture and density of meat alternatives and achieve a meat-like texture. The pea proteins deliver improved hydration properties and can offer a high PDCAAS score. With minimized off-notes and a light color, these proteins are ideal for meat alternatives. The textured wheat protein and its nontextured counterpart contribute meat-like texture to meat and seafood alternative products. With clean taste and a blank-slate color base, these functional proteins offer water absorption and hydration speeds that enhance processing efficiency and reliability. ADM

High-performance emulsifier

Ticaloid Acacia Max is a high-performance emulsifier designed to solve many common limitations of traditional acacia. It helps to stabilize a range of emulsions, even at high oil loads, and can be used to double the oil load while simultaneously reducing emulsifier usage levels. It can match the functionality of traditional acacia at up to 70% lower usage levels. According to the company, emulsions made using the product have a more stable particle size over time in various environmental conditions than emulsions produced with traditional acacia, thereby improving overall shelf life stability and maintaining vibrant colors and flavors in beverage and concentrate applications. Ingredion Inc.

Clean label, organic and Fair Trade acerola powder

This clean label, organic, and Fair Trade-certified acerola powder is suitable for tablets, beverages and functional foods, as well as in savory or bakery for food preservation in some countries. The powder contains a high level of antioxidants, is as clean as dried-on acacia fiber and offers FFL certification. Diana Foods/Symrise

Cocoa butter retards bloom

Cobao Pure is a cocoa butter that delivers significantly improved bloom-retarding effects in applications such as milk and dark chocolate tablets, coated and filled products and dark chocolate with nuts. Your product's shelf life can be expanded up to 400%. It has high cocoa content, glossy appearance, snap, and stable texture. Moreover, it enables a clean label. AAK USA

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